Uwe Marcus Magnus Rykov

20. Januar 2020

AGNES WUYAM / spring summer 2020

AGNES WUYAM is a fashion brand created by the Polish designer living and working in France, Agnieszka Samulska-Wuyam. It offers ready-to-wear collections, evening wear, particularly feminine […]
20. Januar 2020

SILK EPOQUE at the berlin fashion week in quartier 206

SILK EPOQUE Atelier has been created out of love of silk. Its owner –Olga Ziemann– had created a place of her dreams, inspired by her travels […]
18. Januar 2020

Danny Reinke presented his Prêt-à-Couture collection AW 2020 during Berlin Fashion Week

Inspired by the fall of fashion icon “Little Edie” – Edith Bouvier Beale, the collection carries the melancholic harmony of a well-lived life and a reflecting […]
17. Januar 2020

Mission Human Flight – „Jetmen“ fliegen durch die Tianmenhöhle in China

Mission Human Flight – Mission 1 → Heaven’s Gate, China. The sky is no longer the limit: Expo 2020 Dubai launches a new era for autonomous human […]