Luisa Beccaria

27. Februar 2020

Luisa Beccaria – Fall – Winter 2020 / 2021 The Winter Garden Show

In a winter garden, cultivating scented herbs and exotic flowers. The Luisa Beccaria FW 2020 / 2021 woman lives a passionate, free life nurturing each day […]
3. März 2021

Luisa Beccaria Fall – Winter 2021/2022 Embrace

The embrace between worlds and different times, that of long-time distant friends; a mother with her daughter or siblings hugging one another; the embrace of two […]
28. September 2022

LUISA BECCARIA FASHION SHOW SS 20223 – Making Waves Capri & Beyond

The wave invades the soul, shakes the emotions, crashes, and refracts the light. It’s a sweet and wild motion, the one embodied by the Luisa Beccaria […]