Mike Bertoli’s Avatar, physical copies available now

Mike Bertoli’s Avatar, physical copies available now

The physical copies of “The giant within”, the new album by Mike Bertoli’s Avatar, are out now.

Eight songs with different line-ups, with relevant guests such as Goran Edman, Ian Parry, Nicolas Pandolfi, Rob Della Frera, Luca Sellitto, Val Shieldon and Giacomo Calabria.

In some tracks there are members of the Hot Cherry Band: Jacopo “Jack” MascagniStefano “Jaghe” Morandini and, above all, Nik Capitini who also recorded, mixed and mastered the album.

The giant within” is an album in which hard rock and heavy metal are the pillars, but there are also thrash and groove influences and prog contaminations.

It’s a concept album focused on personal growth, full of surprises and where boredom is banished.


  1. Tears of blood (Click here to watch the lyric video of „Tears of blood“)
  2. Devil’s bridge (Click here to watch the videoclip of „Devil’s bridge“)
  3. Valley of death
  4. The protagonist’s game
  5. Learning from the past
  6. A sense of freedom
  7. Alive again (Click here to watch the lyric video of „Alive again“)
  8. I won

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Mike Bertoli

The physical copies of “The Giant Within” are available now in the main music stores via Andromeda Relix and distributed by MaRaCash Records.

It’s also possible to order it by contacting the label at info@andromedarelix.com or on the online shop of Ma.Ra.Cash Records or on the band’s social media (Bandcamp or DM on Facebook or Instagram or Tik Tok).

The mastermind behind the Mike Bertoli’s Avatar project shows his interest in music when he’s only a child and he buys his first electric guitar at the age of 13. Because of some unsatisfying experiences with music teachers that couldn’t fulfil his craving for heavy metal, Mike keeps studying and practicing by himself and records a demo with his first band, the Sky Devils. He also keeps listening to tons of music: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Testament, Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Queensryche and many other bands that still give him inspiration. Mike joins his second band, ASTRAS, and they publish the album “Maze of time” for the label Stay Metal Records. The album is quite appreciated not only in Italy but also in the UK, where the band has the possibility to go on tour. The tour is canceled though, the band loses its enthusiasm and Mike leaves because of the disappointment and the frustration after a while.

The situation changes in 2020: Mike gets back his inspiration and starts writing new music again, guided by the great guitar master Nicolas Pandolfi and by the old friend Nik Capitini, also owner of the Red Wall Recording Studio. That’s how the project called Mike Bertoli’s Avatar sees the light with a very appropriate name, since the music fully reflects his personality.

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Photos: by Francesca Saglia – Music-Alive 2023