„ZOBIBOR“, the inexorable violence of one’s breath

„ZOBIBOR“, the inexorable violence of one’s breath

ZOBIBOR„, the inexorable violence of one’s breath – The solo debut album from tubist and trombonist Francesco Bucci

ZOBIBOR” is the debut album from tubist and trombonist Francesco Bucci, founder of Ottone Pesante, born to experiment new languages and sounds with his two instruments: tuba and trombone. The result is a mix of different genres, difficult to label, recorded live without any loops or overdubs.

This kind of experimentation is not only about composition and arranging, but it’s also about a different, deep and complex relationship between human body and tuba / trombone. This absolutely unique solo is led by higher instrumental technique and very intense and poignant sound. His main inspiration comes from some great artists that explored their instruments in the deep and changed completely the rules.

ZOBIBOR” is the result of a profound, visceral musical research, but also the transposition of a family tragedy: the death of Francesco’s brother. Scrolling the tracklist and listening to the songs, we feel the distressing attempt to find an impossible contact with the one we have lost, we feel to be in a suffocating, threatening trip where memories and objects get deeper meanings: the tuba played by Francesco was the one his brother used to play. “ZOBIBOR” testifies the incredible, impressive power of music without words, admirable virtuosity, original artistic vision and deep personal emotions.

The stop of Ottone Pesante’s activities, since 2020 pandemic, helped the creative process thrive and many ideas started growing up as complete tracks. He went to  the recording studio and 2 days of experimentation became days of recording and mixing and the entire album saw the light. Every track has been recorded entirely using microphones that are able to catch every sound: instrument bell, Francesco’s voice and the mechanical parts used in a percussive way. The set is mostly acoustic, but a pedal board is used for adding colour and nuances. The album will be out on 25 February 2023  as a DIY production on digital platforms and in a limited run of handmade CDs.