Collection and their romantic and dreamy pink world. Each look in the collection presented the whimsical imagination and brilliant skills of creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli, who created multiple tones of the colour from pink.

Pink represents vitality, courage and fantasy, a colour that fills the imagination with endless possibilities. Its unique point: a saturated pink can harmonise and at the same time reveal a strong yet delicate visual sense.

The delicate floral embroidery on the tulle tops, coats and dress skirts is picturesque and stands out against the skin that adds a mysterious and romantic touch to the feminine figure. The delicate lace tulle top is paired with a blazer and suit coat for a sexy yet sophisticated look. The pink coat is embroidered with three-dimensional flowers in two overlapping pink colours, with smooth silhouettes and exquisitely handcrafted embroidery for a casual yet sophisticated look. The precise and smooth curves of the shoulders on the dresses and the cut-out design of some of the flowers are sensual and beautiful as they sway lightly with the pace.

Women are more resilient than men when it comes to choosing when to be firm & cool, and when to be romantic or naive. Pierpaolo Piccioli has also chosen black, which represents coolness and mystery for the new fall-winter seasons.

Black tulle is paired with trousers, giving a hazy look to the feminine, slender and powerful lines. The waist-cinching top was paired with black bottoms, showing a sense of casualness and sophistication to the overall look. The black tulle evening dress is light and free-flowing, with layers of tulle creating a mermaid-like mystery and enchantment.

The handbags in different leather textures are combined with geometric squares to create new designs that are diverse and chic. No matter the age of the woman, she is still the same striking lovely woman with a pink Valentino bag.