“river”, flow of a serene nostalgia – Emit’s new single

“river”, flow of a serene nostalgia – Emit’s new single

river” is the new single of italian singer-songwriter Emit, lyrics in english with crystal clear electric guitars floating on a lo-fi beat as if they were carried by the stream, in the same way the feelings of a relationship depart from us becoming memories.

The river image, proceeding slow and unstoppable yet placid and calm, conveys a peculiar mood, a sort of serene nostalgia. The lyrics tell us about the concern one feels in a relationship in the moment of distance and the inability to control the emotions involved (“How can I control the power of this river?”), but at the same time they manifest the desire for those feelings not to end (“I never wanna learn this love”).

The song is born at university, during a semester abroad in Rotterdam, where Emit finds at a concert exactly the sound he was looking for. He asks who was playing the beats and so he meets Noel Gregory van Drunen from the band Dichter Bob. After a few days they meet each other to cook something, Noel samples a beat from a keyboard from the ‘80s and filters it through a tape machine. On that beat Emit composes and records guitar and voice.

This latest version was re-made last autumn using that same original beat. Synth and bass were added to sustain the chords of three guitars playing the same part, with different shades and leaks, intertwining as tributaries of a river.

The single anticipates “vivo  (deluxe)” releasing on March 24th 2023, an updated and extended version of the debut album published on December 9th 2022. A peculiar effort for sure, by which the singer-songwriter chooses to widen the previous work with six songs that add new colors to the world of ““vivo”.