Philadelphia Rockers SORAIA Get Dark On New Video for Latest Single „I Seek Fire“

Philadelphia Rockers SORAIA Get Dark On New Video for Latest Single „I Seek Fire“

Photo: Cassandra Panek

Philly rockers Soraia have debuted a new, highly cinematic music video for their latest single „I Seek Fire“ which is currently picking up steam at radio. For the clip, the band once again teamed up with director Sam Shapson (Yeah Yeah Yeahs , Demi Lovato, Oliver Tree, Thrice, Corey Taylor, All Time Low, MKG, Poppy) who helmed the video for their radio smash „Tight Lipped.“

Watch the „I Seek Fire“ Video here:

Frontwoman ZouZou Mansour says, “I love working with Sam Shapson and his whole team on the story of Soraia’s songs. So far, he’s taken the song and music’s story and turned them into his own films. I first spoke to Sam about what the idea behind the song was – which I had taken from every Shakespearean tragedy I had ever read. Again, like “Tight-Lipped” took from “Hamlet” with Ophelia, “I Seek Fire” took directly from the tragic love story of “Romeo and Juliet”. The chorus being,” I wanna die in love, we can live forever”. It expresses genuinely the intensity of my desire to have that kind of love, but extreme fear of it’s enthralling obsession. The intense desire wins out triumphantly in the song. However, Sam took that theme and twisted it to its most dark narrative: the main living character trying to revive her dead lover by any means necessary. We find her just after unburying him and being completely and insanely lost in her obsession to bring him back. In the end, it doesn’t matter who the rotting man represents; it’s much more about my mad compulsion to revive him – to Hell with all else. It’s both admirable and horrific. Two themes and sides of humanity and myself that I love digging into. Another tragic depiction of love lost.”

Coming off the massive chart success of the 2021 single „Tight Lipped“ and 2020 breakthrough album ‚Dig Your Roots, the deeply personal new album finds the band covering new ground both sonically and lyrically.

“Ultimately, our new album is about rising above all of the slights, injuries, and traumas we’ve all experienced – personally and together – and positioning ourselves into a new place we’ve chosen. A place with renewed courage and vitality. We realize we are all deserving of a life driven by our choices and power,” affirms ZouZou Mansour, lead singer and lyricist for Soraia.

Stream the explosive new single „I Seek Fire“ here:

Of the new song, Mansour explains, „The original idea behind ‘I Seek Fire’ came from reading a Rumi quote: „Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.“ A mix of that personal desire plus a healthy dose of romantic and tragic love ideas floating through my head created the backdrop for the lyrical story of the song. As soon as I heard the cutting, staccato riff co-writer Travis Smith played for me, I knew I had to capture that exquisite contradiction: enthralling, obsessive passion usually comes with that tragic cut. The music brought the lyrics to life in this one more than most other songs we’ve written together.“

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Catch Soraia opening for Joan Jett in September and on their upcoming fall tours with Josie Cotton and Hayley and the Crushers. See dates below.