oqLiq AW 22 – London Fashion Week

oqLiq is a Taiwan based high end performance fashion brand with a unique eye for urban outdoor style, founded by designers Chi Hung and Orbit Lin. Since launching the brand 10 years ago, oqLiq has developed its own design language by merging orientel simplicity with street fashion concepts to redefine the look of outdoor clothing.

With inspiration deriving from Asian street style and combined with the advantageous developments of the Taiwan textile industry, oqLiq’s vision is to construct a multi-level fashion culture and encourage new attitudes in the industry. oqLiq continues to explore new fabric technology and design application, utilizing recycled materials such as yarn mixed with oyster shell powder and leather coated with dam sediment mud throughout their collections. Championing the performance of technical fabrics alongside the concept of sustainable design.

Taiwanese brand, oqLiq, focuses on creating high-end performance fashion using technical fabrics with an emphasis on functional simplicity. Based in Tainan, Taiwan, 10 years in the industry have resulted in oqLiq garnering much global attention and this season marks the return to London Fashion week with a cinematic and abstract digital showcase.
For FW22 at London Fashion Week, oqLiq transports the viewers to a futuristic and imaginative world. Taking the essence of Taoism, which holds harmony and unity as its core values, and embedding it throughout the collection with a subtle East Asian aesthetic to create considered pieces where each element is purposeful and adds to the multifunctional nature of the garment.

When the film starts, a large spherical camera emerges, representing the viewer and pulls the audience into oqLiq’s world. Earthy colour palettes are reflected in the immense landscape of the digital world with the infinite deserts and towering cityscapes. The four heavenly kings are seen morphing into humans to portray the idea of people striving to find peace in a world filled with uncertainty and unrest, and how kindness in human nature is transformative enough to carry the human race through the current disruption to our world.

The design team focuses on technical design and innovative materials with minimalist utilitarian features to complete and redefine urban outdoor clothing. In terms of materials oqLiq have incorporated the use of a lightweight fabric made from oyster shells combined with recycled plastic bottles this season; the fabric is then fused together with insulation layers via a high pressure sealing process to minimize stitching hence keeping the heat trapped between the wearer and the clothing. As always, Oqliq’s process starts from the fabrics – from there, founders and designer Kay and Orbit build each of their creations into a piece of high quality garments with a real purpose for their everyday customers.