INF @ London Fashion Week

Taiwanese brand INF closed London Fashion Week with an after party in Soho, London. 
INF is a Taiwanese brand founded by designer Kuro Kuo in 2011 that focuses on celebrating Taiwanese traditions through garments. INF’s silhouettes are traditional and monochromatic, yet often integrate a deconstructed element to highlight the continually fluid and evolving nature of design. The theme of deconstruction transgresses the collections, working to break down gender binaries through an sartorial interplay of traditionally masculine and feminine characteristics. A gender-neutral sense of strength upholds the brand’s neutral philosophy.   
A/W23 see’s INF presenting deconstructed tailoring and knitwear that aim to pay homage to the iron will and endurance of the “sea women” of Taiwan. Many women in the coastal region of Taiwan are tasked with the responsibility of going into the ocean and sourcing seafood to eat and sell to support their families. This historical tradition has inspired INF’s A/W collection, the brand’s typically monochromatic palette being interspersed with mottled shades of blue, white, and grey to mimic the tones of the sea. INF are upholding the strength of these sea women, who go diving around the coast throughout the year, enduring the seasons and supporting their families.  
INF direct-to-consumer pop-up store opens from 17th – 21st February for the duration of London Fashion Week in Soho, Central London.  

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