Ed Mercer Luxury Yacht Event out of Newport Beach California becomes a nationwide hit. Celebrities line up for tickets!

Ed Mercer Luxury Yacht Event out of Newport Beach California becomes a nationwide hit. Celebrities line up for tickets!

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Char Dropping Luxury even for the spoiled LA Event VIP‘! Ed Mercer, Owner of Launch Your Infinite Power International and Los Angeles’s Newest Event Host is overwhelmed all over the United States with requests for attending his Luxury Yacht Event out of Newport Beach, California on August 11th. The Yacht holds up to 150 guests and is filling quickly.

This event is in high demand because of his straight forward approach in helping his clients attract better results in their life personally, financially and emotionally through his holistic approach of transforming the ruling component of a person’s life “The Subconscious Mind”

Ed will be speaking at this event for the purpose of providing his attendees with the internal faculties and universal laws of success with actionable steps they can apply in their life to see immediate, positive and lasting change.

Ed’s “Launch Your Infinite Power Events” are life transforming in so many ways, starting with;

· An environment and atmosphere that elevates one’s life by placing them in a luxurious environment that many people can never experience by themselves. Through the power of network, people are able to see and experience a different way of living and increase their awareness of what is possible for their own life.

· Sometimes the hardest thing for people to do in life is to “Think Their Way to Success,” which is why few people ever do it. In a world filled with limiting beliefs, non-serving conditioning and discouragement, Ed’s teachings are more important than ever as he raises the consciousness of human beings to assist them in moving forward in life.

“A person’s current situation is only a “block of time” and a person’s past does not define whio they are or determine their future. One must understand that our lives are not controlled by the world around us. Rather, our lives are only controlled by our level of thinking and what we choose to do with it. It doesn’t matter where people are at the current “block of time” in their life. What really matters is where they are going and the actions they are taking to get there. Every person on this planet can BE, DO and HAVE anything they CHOOSE!”

~ Ed Mercer

· Community – Through the power of networks and community people can elevate their lives through the relationships that they create build upon as Ed explains in his universal laws of success. Connecting with Ed and his community raises the inner and outer game of the clients that he works with.

LYIP Luxury Yacht Event : https://www.facebook.com/events/1997713570541141/