Diego Ribechini’s new single „Cicatrici“

Diego Ribechini’s new single „Cicatrici“

Back to the 90s with Diego Ribechini’s new single “Cicatrici”

If you miss the rock wave of the 90s, raise your hand!

Foo Fighters, U2 and Muse were standing out in the soundtrack of those years; meanwhile, in Italy, bands like Litfiba, Timoria, Negrita and Bluvertigo were conquering the ears and the hearts of all the listeners who were leaving the pop and commercial sounds to get closer to the alternative ones.

Now, pick up from these bands an irregular and dissonant riff, a unique voice, a powerful rhythm section and an elegant keyboard. Blend all these elements together energically and that’s how “Cicatrici” (Scars), the new single by the italian artist Diego Ribechini, shows up.

A furious denounce towards the indifference for the planet we’re destroying, while the institutions look elsewhere and pretend to be deaf:

The air will be set on fire, the sky will crumble and the wound will never scar over

The water will evaporate, the earth will rip open and the wound will never scar over

The fire will eagerly burn the skin and the wound will never scar over

Tell me how deep can this mankind dig

Stamped with prayers and politics!

Cicatrici” is out on May, 2nd with the official videoclip on Youtube and on all digital stores via Wanikiya record.

Watch the videoclip of „Cicatrici“ on Youtube!

Cicatrici” is the last work by Diego Ribechini’s solo project. He’s an eclectic artist born in 1978 in Tuscany, Italy. His training as a singer begins with his first band (Collage), as well as the first concerts and the recordings of the first demos. Diego has been studying singing and music for years: opera, jazz, musical and modern singing with teachers like Elena Fossi, Moses and Roberto Tiranti. He also attended to many seminars, amongst which is the seminar at the Vocal power Academy in Los Angeles with Elisabeth Howard. After four albums with the prog rock band Quintessenza and one album with the Stoned Dogs, Diego starts his solo project. He has published three albums and attended to Sanremo Rock in 2022.

He’s also perfermed in many theatre shows, such as the role of Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar and the role of Dracula in Draculea. Diego has published two poems collections and is about to release the third one.

Many great musicians are cooperating with Diego for the composition, the arrangement and the recording of the tracks in this phase.

On keyboard, we find Filippo Fantozzi. Filippo is a Diego’s old acquaintance since they played together in Quintessenza; he’s been involved in Diego’s previous solo albums.

On bass guitar, Fabio Iozzi. Fabio is one of the founders of Volterra Jazz Association and of the Volterra Music Academy. During his long music career, he has collaborated with many great artists such as Andrea Bocelli.

On drums Stefano Morandini. Stefano is the actual Hot Cherry drummer; his roots are plunged in rock but his training has expanded to funky, pop, heavy metal, jazz, latin.

On lead and rhythm guitars, Nik Capitini, whose influences go from classic rock to blues, funky and hard rock. He has a great experience on stage and is the owner of the Red Wall Recording Studio. He recorded, mixed and mastered “Cicatrici”.