LORI HOROWITZ – April- May Emerging 2021 Exhibits

LORI HOROWITZ – April- May Emerging 2021 Exhibits

Lori Horowitz examines the frailty of the human condition in subject and form.  Sculptures of wire mesh and gauze reveal figures whose existence is precarious. In her Exodus series she combines photography and drawing.  Photographs of tree roots, specifically cypress knees, form the underpinning for drawings of human forms both isolated and vulnerable. (John Cino)

„Within yourself is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.“
-Herman Hesse
Wrapped in stillness, I breathe. Enshrouded in the mystery of all that it means to be here, now. What does it mean to be human in these times?  – Kim Powers, Curator

Curator: Lori Horowitz 
    May 13, 2021 through May 27, 2021,                 
Artwork by: Kelynn Z. Alder, Natalie Giugni and Lori Horowitz  
Hours:  Wednesday-Sunday 12:00- 6:00pm.   Soho 456 Broadway, NY, NY 10013
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 15, 2021, 5pm – 8pm  

Beneath the Surface – Imagery from three women artists reflecting psychological and social concerns through a mix of media. These richly layered visual trilogies share the artists’ perceptions of societal issues, bringing focus and light to our rapidly changing world. The works on exhibit highlight attention to layers and process, treating the viewer to a rich and complex viewing experience through voluminous strata of medium and iconography.

Nomadworks Gallery presents  A Nomadic Journey Curator: Tobe roberts
Solo show
  Art work by Lori Horowitz    May 29th – September 11th 
Opening reception to be announced. windwatercloud@gmail.com for details.  
1216 Broadway, NY, NY  10001  2nd Floor


Fragile Earth: Artists Respond to Climate Change Co-Curated by Fran Beallor and Barbara Sherman
March 1 – May 1, 2021           Closing event – April 22, 2021    https://nyartistscircle.com/curated-shows/fragile-earth
Artists Respond to the Climate Crisis. The earth, our home, is one of our greatest inspirations, but the planet is under threat. Artists remind us of the reverence and awe we hold for nature, and respond with a call to action.

„Grieve“  –    „The Resilience of Grief“ http://https://thenawa.org/product-category/resilience-of-grief
Ongoing Virtual show

The Long Island Craft Guild Presents:  The Current Climate   Juror: Karen Kettering Dimit

A Juried Virtual Ongoing Exhibit Opening   March 4, 2021        https://www.licg.org
The reaction to this unprecedented time is as diverse as the media we use and the hands that create the work. At this time of isolation, we reflect on our own personal surroundings, as well as how we perceive the outer current climate and its effects. Artist expresses their reaction to our current climate – be it ecological, social, political or emotional.

Taller Boricua Gallery, NY  In association with the NY SOCIETY OF WOMEN ARTISTS

Women on the Edge of Time    
Ongoing Virtual Exhibit On view March 2020 :Interview with Lori Horowitz