Cancel Culture Scandal: Historian and Royal Expert Takes Oxford University to Task Over Removal of Queen’s Portrait

Cancel Culture Scandal: Historian and Royal Expert Takes Oxford University to Task Over Removal of Queen’s Portrait

If perseverance ever proved positive, this is certainly the case for Royal Expert, Historian, and Commentator, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, Founder of the British Monarchists Society. The left leaning media and its associated haters have tried desperately since 2018 to cancel this knowledgeable individual based on his place of birth, but Mace-Archer-Mills is not going gently into that good night which the media had hoped for.

Instead he is having the last laugh. No matter how hard the haters have come for him, Mace-Archer-Mills has again proven his knowledge, worth, and staying power in the face of today’s „Cancel Culture“ phenomenon.  Again rising to the defense of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Mace-Archer-Mills has now taken Oxford University to task over the removal of the Queen’s portrait from Oxford’s Magdalen College.

Magdalen College’s history is steeped in Royal association and symbolism, a history which the institution should be proud of, but the students enrolled there think otherwise. The College’s students have tabled and passed a motion to remove a portrait of Her Majesty from the Middle Common Room on the campus, wishing to replace it with „art by or of other influential and inspirational people“. One of the first to defend Her Majesty, and The Crown, Mace-Archer-Mills who was this morning featured in Britain’s Daily Star newspaper stated, „I will be writing on behalf of the BMS to David Clary, President of Oxford’s Magdalen college. The removal of the Queen’s portrait is unconscionable and shows the worst of our education system. If students were taught about the monarch and the position she occupied they would very well feel different.“

President of Magdalen College, Dinah Rose QC, has hit back at criticism over the removal of the Queen’s portrait writing, „Magdalen strongly supports free speech and political debate, and the MCR’S right to autonomy.“ She further stated that the artwork was „an inexpensive print“ of the Queen bought in 2013, adding: „Are we going to police the posters they put on their walls? „Being a student is about more than studying. It’s about exploring and debating ideas. It’s sometimes about provoking the older generation. Looks like that isn’t so hard to do these days.“ Left unimpressed by the response from Magdalen President Rose, Mace-Archer-Mills directly addressed the college’s President, „There is more to this issue than just the removal of a portrait, and I hope that you of all people can see the deeper issue at hand. Should your students wish to make a statement, they should do so by going out into the world, create and effect change in the very regions in which they are complaining about. To remove a portrait of the Sovereign is not only offensive and disrespectful to those that have fought for her and this nation, but the very nations in which she granted and signed for their independence and newfound freedoms. The action taken by your students is an act of empty, pompous, vanity, and I fear there is no more education to be had at Oxford if these are the types of students you are turning out of your programmes.“
The assertions and defence of the the Queen’s portrait by Mace-Archer-Mills have appeared in a rather lengthy, but entertaining, letter to the President, copying in the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University. Zeitblatt has obtained a copy of Mace-Archer-Mills‘ letter to which he acknowledged that President Rose is the college’s the 43rd President and first woman to fill the post. He further praised her for her high marks in history when she studied at the college, which seemed for Mace-Archer-Mills to be a point of confusion, and called into question her support for the removal of the Queen’s portrait. „As an historian, President Rose should be the first to identify a Royal portrait as a direct link to her institutions long association with English, and British Kings. An historian should always be able to identify symbolism and heritage in any image projecting the majesty of a Monarch. President Rose’s stance on the removal of the portrait is baffling and should cause offence to any true historian.“ Despite the niceties within the introduction of his well thought out „skooling“ of Magdalen College’s President, Mace-Archer-Mills had a few things to say about the education students are receiving at the college, and further accused President Rose of supporting „woke“ cancel culture by allowing the removal of Her Majesty’s portrait, citing that the portrait was not „just a poster, but an image filled with symbolism and meaning“. This is the second such issue regarding the British Monarchy within the last two weeks at Oxford University, as the Oxford University Debating Society tabled and passed a motion last week to abolish the Monarchy. In response to this, Mace-Archer-Mills described the oldest university in the English speaking world  as a, „hotbed of leftists woke republicanism where they allow the patients to govern the asylum.“
Graduates at Magdalen College said the „poster“ of Her Majesty that had been pinned up in a common room „represents recent colonial history“ and „patriotism and colonialism are not really separable“, statements that Mace-Archer-Mills was easily and effectively able to refute. The Royal Expert gave a history lesson of his own to President Rose as to how the Queen was not a representation of recent colonial history, citing the many nations which she had granted freedom and independence to as they sought to leave the British Empire during the early years of Her Majesty’s reign. Mace-Archer-Mills went on to state how the Queen is a beacon of hope, a symbol of freedom and liberty, and the guarantor of British rights and freedoms under The Crown. The Royal Expert went further, outlining deeply rooted Royal affiliations with the college and the part the institution has played in not only in the English Civil War, where it was on the side of and funding the Royalists cause, but also its place in the Second World War acting as an RAF Maritime Command Headquarters. Multiple Kings have been received in state at the college and strong relationships with others are interwoven into the deep history Magdalen College possesses and should be teaching its students about. Mace-Archer-Mills questioned the curriculum at Magdalen and asserted that students at Oxford were merely schooled and not educated, as proven by their recent decision to remove the portrait of Her Majesty from their halls.
Mace-Archer-Mills went further in defending Her Majesty by questioning whether or not Magdalen was bowing to the new woke class of individual, „Has Britain become so bad, that being woke is not woke enough for Magdalen? Are you now going to be cancelling the Queen? Are you in defence of your student body beginning the process to eradicate the 1,000-year history of this nation’s story which is symbolised within her Majesty’s person?“ Clearly unimpressed by what Magdalen students have done and the grim response issued from their President, the Royal Expert stated directly to Magdalen’s President, „Your students are the vision of tomorrow, the people who are supposed to be the future leaders and captains of industry within the United Kingdom, however it is clear with the actions of your student body that this country has no hope for tomorrow, as there is no respect, thought, or understanding for, or in Her Majesty’s position as Monarch. If we must look upon your students as the hope and future of tomorrow’s Britain, then this country, its people, and its history are lost. It is the hope of this organisation [The British Monarchists Society] that you will do what is right and reinstate the portrait of Her Majesty back to where it rightfully belongs.“

To follow Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills who is the Founder and Director of the British Monarchists Society, Editor-in-Chief and Director of Crown & Country Magazine and Director and Presenter of Crown & Country Radio: @themrmonarchy for Twitter and Instagram or his website