The group exhibition „Meet the Artist“ in Berlin Neukölln.

The group exhibition „Meet the Artist“ in Berlin Neukölln.

The Collective exhibition by Constanza Del Sol, Fez, Gaian Energy, Imix, Joãocaré, Mareike Witte, Marie-Sophie, Miro Wallner, and Renata Faccenda until november 19th in Berlin.

Opening Time 15h-20h
Herrfurthstr. 13, 12049 Berlin Neukölln

„Meet the Artist“ is the first group exhibition within Aviatrix’s exhibition space after the pandemic. We propose inviting the public to check out the artistic works that are now being produced within this independent space. The artists themselves fund the atelier and has endured for ten years in Schillerkiez, Neukölln, offering a space to create and share diverse creative ideas, just like the city of Berlin itself.

The community that makes up Aviatrix today reflects the purpose created by its founder and administrator, artist, and graphic designer Renata Faccenda. It is a community with a diverse, multidisciplinary background, very productive and open to sharing its artistic interests with each other and with the public. In addition to the artists who are exhibiting, there are five other artists and professionals currently working in the atelier.

The atelier was initially founded to embrace artists who, on becoming mums and dads, felt obliged to abandon their artistic activities because the spaces available at the time couldn’t accommodate the possible presence of children. Today, not all the artists have children, but not only do they all respect the presence of children, but for the past eight years they have been offering weekly creative workshops for children aged 4 and over. In addition to educational activities and art exhibitions, over the last ten years, Aviatrix has also hosted small concerts, and seminars, as well as social and political actions.

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Picture© Imix-Emiliano Soraire