„Picturesque“, painting love and movement – Amalia Bloom’s new album is out today

„Picturesque“, painting love and movement – Amalia Bloom’s new album is out today

Picturesque“ is the new album by Italian emo hardcore band Amalia Bloom, a wide-ranging work in which the band finds a new balance between melody and harsher sounds. A record dedicated to their beloved yet suffering city, an outlet with which the band gains momentum and reacts to the last two years spent in isolation.

This album sees the light among the places that inspired it, trying to paint its true essence. Vicenza is a small Italian city, characterized by majestic architecture and a cumbersome history, that often suffers from its own limitations and unexpressed potential. The lyrics imagine and reconstruct the events of everyday life: on an ordinary morning, in the middle of a crossroads, a woman suddenly falls off her bike, all the present people react differently and in some ways each song focuses on a different character.

Picturesque“ has a layered but direct sound: light and airy in the most melodic moments but it can become dense and granite during its intense crescendos. The nostalgic melancholy of the emocore intros and the syncopated energy of the punk-rock verses eventually turns into harsh outbursts, reaching the peak of the band’s hardcore influences.

This record marks a compositional maturation for the band, which is perfectly aware of the space that each element needs, and with this album they master their songwriting skills as well as their performance on stage. „Picturesque“ conveys a message of hope, an invitation to take courage to go towards your future, while remembering your place of origin and being aware that, despite all possible suffering, our life is precious and beautiful and that every possibility of connecting with others is a privilege.

The album will be released by Engineer Records in CD and played live on a European tour from 20 to 30 May 2022.