Radinn® kicks off the #energized event series and introduces the new G2X jetboard

Radinn® kicks off the #energized event series and introduces the new G2X jetboard

At the beginning of September, the first #energized event powered by Radinn took place in Ibiza. In collaboration Azimut Yachts, Mercedes-Benz, Perrier Jouet and GoPro, Radinn invited customers, partners and investors to test and experience their brand new G2X and thereby, ushered in a new generation of jetboards. During a three-day event at the famous beach club Blue Marlin on Ibiza, Radinn launched the #energized event series, introducing the all new Radinn G2X to its special guests. Key members of the jetboarding community were invited to experience the speed, agility and beauty of the Radinn G2X. In collaborations with the leading yacht manufacturer Azimut Yachts and automotive giant Mercedes-Benz, our guests were able to experience the G2X in remote lagoons and open sea with the stunning scenery of Ibiza as a backdrop. Radinn’s ambition always has been to push the boundaries of action sports through innovation.

#energized: Radinn offers a new, global and innovative platform to experience the product, the sport and the community behind jetboarding and the G2X. #energized offers a base for enthusiast, athletes, dealers, investors and owners.

It is about making the mission statement tangible and engaging with the target audiences worldwide resulting in a global movement aiming to inspire and unite people. “With #energized Ibiza we are just at the beginning. It gives us the chance to be in direct contact with our customers and forms a community in which people can share their impressions and experience with the G2X. We are full of additional ideas and super exited for the next events to come” -Marc Hammerla, CMO Radinn AB

About Radinn: Radinn, short for radical innovation, is the leading electric jetboard company in this emerging market. In 2013, Radinn began to develop their first series of prototypes. In 2014, they launched the first generation electric jetboard to the world. Now the new and improved second generation has been announced: the Radinn G2X. The board is lighter than its predecessor, can reach a speed of 55 kph with a battery life up to 45 minutes. The G2X is the fastest, most powerful and technologically advanced electric jetboard on the market. The board features an intelligent control center that enables wireless data transmission from the board to a Radinn app and to the Radinn Cloud server. Motor and battery temperatures, throttle input, currents, voltage, efficiency and standard deviations are measured and can easily be checked in the app. Additionally, the rider can measure speed utilize the GPS tracking for a multitude of features. With the Radinn app and cloud server, it allows for key approaches to monetizing data.

Technical features: – The board will alert the rider when the battery is approaching depletion. – The board has a control center that transfers data to the Radinn App and Radinn Cloud Server, enabling real time functionality by monitoring the board, but also for entertainment purposes for the user. (Track statistics, ride time, etc.) – Each phone/rider can have custom settings to enable sharing the product amongst family and friends.