No boundaries in Music- Pop Kultur 21-23 August 2019

No boundaries in Music- Pop Kultur 21-23 August 2019

Music is universal and knows no boundaries. In their fifth year Pop Kultur at Kulturbrauerei hosted many concerts, workshops, DJ sets, discussions and films, club nights, various art presentations making sure no one left without inspiration, exploring perspectives, and questioning political forms.

Each year Pop Kultur welcomes artists from all around the world. This year they extended their geographical and cultural borders more, including Balkans to South Africa to address the equality of cultural diversity in music in order to promote of new voices, music styles. Pop should not be only focus on English speaking countries where the most Pop bands come from.

Lisa Morgenstern und Bulgarian Voices Berlin

Pop Kultur emphases on equality of each gender and different cultural identities. Awareness team made a marvelous job regarding this. In all the events you were able to find signs to lead you, showing the teams sensitiveness on no one should be excluded. All venues were accessible for wheelchair users, part of the event was accompanied by sign language interpreters and offered for blind.

21 Downbeat feat Jens Friebe

One of the Pop Kultur aims is to show and give young people new opportunities. There were more than 40 individual events, part of them free to everyone, from artists and experts on music making and many more to support learning, improving attendees knowledge by asking questions and discussions.

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Photogallery of 21 Downbeat feat Jens Friebe

Photogallery of Lisa Morgenstern und Bulgarian Voices Berlin

Photogallery of Planningtorock

Photogallery of Repetitor

Photogallery of Voodoo Beach