Meet THE platform that encodes videos most flexible, customizable, cost-efficient and scalable!

Meet THE platform that encodes videos most flexible, customizable, cost-efficient and scalable!

QENCODE is THE platform that encodes videos in the most flexible, customizable, cost-efficient and scalable way possible. How QENCODE CEO Murad Mordukhay created his low cost and high reliability powerhouse.Check out the best video transcoding here

How did it start?

Qencode was initially developed to fill a specific need the founders encountered in their previous company. Our team was working on a video platform for music, and we got stuck when we got to the transcoding component. All the solutions on the market were expensive and ineffective, and we diverted all of our efforts into developing an internal transcoding solution for our business. By the time we were done almost a year later, we found that our transcoding solution was many times more effective than any other solution on the market. At this point, we decided to spend our time developing a product around this new technology that we created, and Qencode was born.

QENCODE CEO Murad Mordukhay

Why is it better?

Our customers save 80% or more on their transcoding costs, and often times improve the speed at which their videos are processed. This is coupled with a strong support infrastructure for our clients, with personalized account management helping them set up their workflows, manage automated tasks, and optimize their solutions.

Why is it cheaper?

Technology has changed a lot since many of our competitors started in the market, and I we’ve really focused on using all the latest tools to our advantage. Additionally, I think our need to develop a cost-effective solution for ourselves gave us a different outlook on the way we approached optimization and efficiency.

Services offered

Quality Promise

We dedicate personal attention to each client, often helping create special workflows and custom code to make it easier for them. We also have some of the most aggressive SLAs in the market. We encourage clients to try it for themselves. We offer 500 minutes free every month to all of our users so they can test different features and experiment with new workflows.