Bad Habits London, The Gender Neutral Sustainable Brand You Need To Know In 2021

Bad Habits London, The Gender Neutral Sustainable Brand You Need To Know In 2021

Bad Habits London is on a mission. It is a mission to change the world for the better with a sustainable clothing line that encourages consumers to buy clothes that matter, which can be cherished over time. The goal is to provide the most ethical way of living, designing meaningful pieces that impact the world. We believe breaking those bad habits of buying something quick and easy out of convenience is no longer necessary.

Launched in October 2020, Bad Habits improves both the environment and your way of thinking. Ultimately, the road to bad habits is positivity. Living in a world where clothes don’t define you but make you feel and look good. Every piece is custom dyed and handcrafted with care and emotions.
Limited quantities are produced as exclusivity is the key to minimising waste. All materials and trims are eco-friendly, and dyes are natural extracts from planet Earth itself. We want to break those bad habits, one piece at a time.

Based in London, via New York and Memphis, Bad Habits is an independent brand created by American designer Porscha Hill. „Working in the industry for years, I’ve experienced direct influences of fast fashion, which ultimately inspired me to create a sustainable business. Bad Habits is more about creating a community who live without limitations in the most sustainable way.“ Says Porscha. „Our future relies on us being more sustainable and taking care of our planet, giving back in any way that we can. Bad Habits is my way of helping the planet survive. This is my part in doing what’s right. I hope my SS21 collection brings you joy and helps you to Break Bad Habits!“

Bad Habits Spring / Summer 2021 collection will launch in March 2021. The 16 piece collection is inspired by Earth, one of the four elements of matter. A mix of natural earth tones that represents nature and growth. Using only sustainably-sourced fabrics for every piece, the silhouettes have been designed to be timeless with a natural approach. With a limited run available, each item is hand dyed from plants and natural ingredients like Fustic trees, Chlorophyllin, Cutch, and more. Each piece is one of a kind as it is handcrafted and dyed, giving you an effortless look. Cool by default; no embellishment is needed. Let the gender-neutral pieces speak for themselves; let them flow.

Bad Habits Winter trio- the ultimate scarf capsule is available for preorder until Jan 15th. The collection will become available during Feb 2021 giving you everything you need to get through the winter/early Spring months. Our scarves are made of organic jersey and bamboo silk hand dyed with Mayan Indigo straight from El Salvador. The silk takes good care of your hair and the natural blue tones fire up your winter style. We aim to make accessories that are both effortless and versatile.

Being gender neutral is a part of our beliefs; we celebrate equality in every single way. This is much to do with our aesthetic as we design silhouettes based on your mood, not your gender; our clothing reflects your emotion. We are redefining the process of buying clothes where we bring back those ‚feel good‘ moments of buying a piece you’ve been waiting for and wishing to grab for your closet.
Those feelings help us create the vision and tie in the influence of nature. Our design journey would be described as a collection of lucid shapes and die-hard essentials. Live in your piece and learn that your body and identity don’t define who you are. You are perfect, just being your natural self.

Prices for the collection start at £175 for the Wasted Tie Dyed Logo T-shirt and go up to £620 for the Shroomed Wide Leg Jumpsuit. Since launching pre-sale of the collection on-site, we think hero products from this range will be All Nighter Drawstring Wide Leg Pants, Anxiously Dip Dyed Zip Up Vest, and Moody Tie Dyed Harem Jumpsuit. Breaking Bad Habits never looked so good!

About Bad Habits London
‚Breaking Bad Habits‘ is Bad Habits mantra, and since launching the brand, it has been at the forefront of everything we do. Imagine an experience where all of your surroundings were filled with fresh air, organic goods, and positive intentions. Bad Habits London is the first step into entering that world of affairs. The critical factor is Sustainability all the way around. The efforts put forth rely on the verification of all materials and manufacturing. We explore every area of organic goods to ensure we are providing the best quality around town. Preserving our planet and sustaining our resources mean the world to us.
Founder Porscha Hill has first-hand industry experience, and her personal ethos is to innovate and redefine how people shop, challenging fast fashion. Bad Habit’s values run through every decision made: Innovation, Communication, and Community.

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