arthset‘ new album „bound“ is out now

“tourists and terrorists” is the third extract from “bound”, Earthset’s forthcoming album, which will be released on march 2022.

The song is the one more explicit on Earthset’s perspective upon today’s society.

With some crooked and uncanny story tales about anthropomorphic animals, Earthset describes human behaviors: we hear of a black dog driving a car, warrior ants that let the mice drown into the sea, blue whales seeking revenge, white sheep drinking cow-milk.

A dystopian, but not so far from real, sight on what society has become today and on how much violence is hidden in our daily gestures.

The lyrics are quite important in this song, that is why the video realized for the single is almost a lyric-video clip, built on images that might be taken from the experimental era of cinema (such as Man Ray).


Music and Lyrics: Earthset

Produced by: Earthset, Carlo Marrone, Claudio Adamo, Simone Padovan

Video by: Elide Blind, Simone Tacconelli


Label: Dischi Bervisti