How Dr. Daniel Winn and his AFAF Foundation Fight Against COVID-19 And Homelessness

How Dr. Daniel Winn and his AFAF Foundation Fight Against COVID-19 And Homelessness

Daniel Winn is a Medical Doctor from Beverly Hills, Entrepreneur and Artist. Since 2003 his AFAF Foundation has helped and supported the communities in Southern California with outreach programs, donations and aide targeted for the ones in need of our society.

The charismatic Doctor dedicates hours every day to coordinate help for the ones most hit every day by the Covid-19 pandemic and has created an outreach task for for the homeless since the start of the pandemic.

„I care about our great city of Los Angeles and about California and I want to help as many people as possible“, Dr. Daniel Winn sums up his activities.

His program is unique: He assigns homelessness outreach staff to areas like Venice Beach, Downtown LA or Hollywood for face-to-face help. „Only the face-to-face contact, with mask and distancing, can bring information to people that do not have the internet or daily newspaper on a desk, they are most vulnerable and mostly do not have access to help. We need to inform, protect and help those members of our community. Aiding people experiencing homelessness consists of helping then to get immediate healthcare, support, medical attention and directions for further aide.“ They are not alone, Dr. Winn wants to take them with his team by their hands and show them support, love and respect and most important: Give them solutions for their medical, housing and personal needs.

To reach people in unsheltered settings due to homelessness the AFAF foundation that started as 501c3 non profit in 2003 supporting artists and the arts, saw the need to expand its programs. Dr. Winn is a world accomplished artist himself, and the pandemic made him aware how many artists suffer from being homeless too. Talent does not protect from struggles and life-changing events like the Covid-19 pandemic. AFAF outreach team members are out on the streets of Los Angeles every day to update people in need with information that can protect their lives and provide hands on guidance and help.

„We have front line workers with a doctorate, aides and experts in our team that ensure to give the residents of LA with the least privilege the maximum help possible“, Dr. Winn adds. The foundations funds are donated by the members, mostly friends of fine arts, clients of his Gallery called Winn Slavin in Beverly Hills and by his team that works hands on to aide people.

The Information Sheets given out with food donations and personal help has the most important contacts and addresses to get people off the streets available.

„I hope that many people join our AFAF initiative and many initiatives follow our dream to make LA a place where less people have to suffer living outdoors without shelter and a home and without guidance to what they truly need“, he adds.

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