Gauthier Dance//Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart | The July & August 2024 programme

Gauthier Dance//Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart | The July & August 2024 programme


The monthly information for July and August 2024 is already looking far ahead to summer and the end of the 2023/24 season.

In „real time“, however, the Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart is still in day-to-day business mode. This week sees the start of rehearsals for Hofesh Shechter’s Bonus Track, which brings together the entire main company and all six Gauthier Dance JUNIORS on stage for the first time – an impressive 22 dancers. The new creation is part of the ANTHOLOGY Shechter X Gauthier Dance showcase which marks the three-year collaboration with our artist in residence and will be premiered on June 20, 2024.
In the last few weeks of the season, Gauthier Dance and the Gauthier Dance JUNIORS want to meet the high demand for tickets with further performances of the audience favourites ELEMENTS and RENAISSANCE at Theaterhaus Stuttgart, all of which have sold out so far. As is tradition, Gauthier Dance is going on tour right ahead of the summer break. As „Principal Guest Company“, they will open the festival Tanz Bozen / BolzanoDanza with the Italian premiere of ELEMENTS, before closing the season with two performances of Hofesh Shechter’s Contemporary Dance 2.0 at the Canadian Festival des Arts de St. Sauveur at the beginning of August.

Gauthier Dance//Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart
Künstlerische Leitung: Eric Gauthier
Company Manager: Inga Kunz
Ballet masters: Cesar Locsin, Luis Eduardo Sayago
Artistic management: Daria Mosunova, Susanne Wildermuth
Technical production management: Holger Reuker
Artistic coordination set and costumes: Gudrun Schretzmeier
Company Coach: Egon Madsen
Dancers: Bruna Andrade, Andrew Cummings, Anneleen Dedroog, Karlijn Dedroog, Barbara Melo Freire, Luca Pannacci, Garazi Perez Oloriz, Arnau Redorta Ortiz, Shai Ottolenghi, Rina Pinsky, Izabela Szylinska, Sidney Elizabeth Turtschi, Locke Egidio Venturato, Giovanni Visone, Shawn Wu, Shori Yamamoto
Tour management: ecotopia dance productions,

Gauthier Dance JUNIORS//Theaterhaus Stuttgart
Artistic Director: Eric Gauthier
Ballet master: Tara Yipp
Rebecca Amoroso, Rong Chang, Stefano Gallelli, Ayda Frances Güneri, Joan Jansana Escobedo, Mathilde Roberge


World premieres by Mauro Bigonzetti, Sharon Eyal, Andonis Foniadakis, Louise Lecavalier
A production of Theaterhaus Stuttgart

The new production by Gauthier Dance proves nothing less than an elementary experience – for the company itself as well as for the audience. And because Eric Gauthier has always had a penchant for playing with numbers, this bill is also marked by a number, four. Even the premiere took place on a day that only occurs every four years: February 29, 2024. Above all, however, this programme brings together four artists who are as stylistically different as the four primary substances of all things.

What the press said:

„An evening with magical appeal“
SWR2 Journal am Mittag

„The energy of the elements – and of dance: a magnificent evening of Gauthier Dance at Theaterhaus Stuttgart“
Frankfurter Rundschau

„Eric Gauthier lets loose the elements: The four world premieres in Theaterhaus Stuttgart represent fire, water, air and earth. The subjects fit their choreographers astonishingly well. The result is three wild, dynamic ensemble pieces and a nervous solo – the four different styles evoke associations that go far beyond flames, drops, breathing and contact with the ground.“
Dance for You Magazine

„Following ‚The Seven Sins‘, he [Eric Gauthier] now interprets the four elements that have been existential since antiquity in dance and conceptual terms, presenting four very different artistic styles: sometimes fascinating, sometimes spectacular, sometimes crazy virtuoso, and in the last piece, the highlight of the two-hour evening, with Mauro Bigonzetti’s ‚Spighe‘, also very touching.“
Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung

Theaterhaus, T1
Thursday, July 4, 2024 / Friday, July 5, 2024 / Saturday, July 6, 2024  – at 8:00 p.m. / Sunday, July 7, 2024 at 7:00 p.m.


Gauthier Dance JUNIORS//Theaterhaus Stuttgart

World premieres by Rena Butler and Barak Marshall
Choreographies by Sharon Eyal, Andonis Foniadakis and Marco Goecke
Short film premiere by Eric Gauthier
A production of Theaterhaus Stuttgart

Fancy travelling back in time? Just book a ticket for RENAISSANCE. After all, the first own stage programme of the Gauthier Dance JUNIORS is a rebirth of sorts. The production conveys much of the spirit of optimism that prevailed at Theaterhaus Stuttgart in the 2007/2008 season when Eric Gauthier opened the first chapter of an astonishing success story – with a company of six dancers and the bill Six Pack.
Now a new story has begun. From the moment rehearsals started, the enthusiasm and motivation of the six young dancers were palpable – as well as their formidable talent. For RENAISSANCE, the JUNIORS did indeed need it! The varied and challenging sextet of pieces not only includes world premieres by Rena Butler and Barak Marshall, masterpieces by Sharon Eyal, Andonis Foniadakis and Marco Goecke as well as a new short film by Eric Gauthier. The illustrious international line-up of the choreographers involved also makes clear that there is no compromise on artistic excellence. RENAISSANCE thus gave the JUNIORS an extremely valuable opportunity: to grow in the face of a great challenge.

Gauthier Dance on the road
Tour management: ecotopia dance productions,

Friday, July 12, 2024 at 9:00 p,m., Italian premiere for the festival opening of Tanz Bozen / BolzanoDanza (Italy)

Contemporary Dance 2.0
From its sudden opening, this choreography proves as overpowering as a great piece of cinema. Driven by the pure rapture of movement and, as always, Hofesh Shechter’s own unmistakable sound, the dancers quickly surrender themselves to an almost hypnotic flow – and so does the audience. Even better: Contemporary Dance 2.0 actually turned out to be the perfect lure for young viewers, as Eric Gauthier had hoped. Many came to the Theaterhaus for the first time – all were thrilled: by the club atmosphere, by Shechter’s ingenious soundtrack, but above all by the sheer virtuosity and irrepressible drive of the eight dancers.
Saturday, August 3, 2024 & Sunday, August 4, 2024 at 8:00 p.m., Le Festival des Arts de St. Sauveur (Canada)


Photos Jeanette Bak