This collection does an introspection on what “Home” represents to each one of us.

In the times we are living, it is at home that we find comfort and security. In our home we know what we find, either it being memories or objects that have accompanied us throughout our lives. It is our world, where we can be and stay has we want. The comfort of dressing, of being, of living the house.

In this collection, the developed prints and chosen fabrics invoke in the imaginary of each person references of various elements of the home memorabilia.

The guragle felt as in the blankets, the fabric with cow motif and the tartan knitwear trace back to the homely rugs and blan- kets. The presence of the “drapes” in satin, the faux leather which relates to leathered capitonne sofas and armchairs or the bags that look like cushions, help to compose this “Lar Doce Lar” (“Home Sweet Home”). Also highlighting the flip-flops that appear in the collection, next to stamped injection shoes.

The urban side is also felt in the denims and silhouettes which allude more to streetwear. As usual, Alexandra Moura touches on the contrasts of classic vs. urban, and these are strongly felt on the stamp detail,
spread out in various moments of the collection. On one side, alluding one more time, to the couch and its traditional production, on the other, to this subversion of the classic.

Home is balance, the search for perfection and beauty in chaos. And so making interesting the presence of the concept of “error” and “making errors” through elements, such as unconventionally placed buttons and distortions of the pieces themselves.

“Lar Doce Lar” brings the house outside, while transporting us back to a safe haven and tuning us with our own little worlds.