The King of British Media – Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills in a very personal portrait by His Highness Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe of Germany

The King of British Media – Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills in a very personal portrait by His Highness Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe of Germany

Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills Esq. OStS, BA,BS in a Royal interview by His Highness Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe

NORTH AMERICAN NEWS AGENCY / Zeitblatt Magazine / CTS NEWS AGENCY / H.H. Dr. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe

The King of British Media – Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills in a very personal portrait!

He has founded and acts as the Editor-in-Chief of Britain’s quarterly Royal themed luxury periodical which provides over 200 pages of reference, insight and factual research blended into a comprehensive editorial of the British Monarchy’s most interesting individuals and themes.

Her Royal Highness Catherine Duchess of Cambridge with Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills Esq. OStS, BA,BS

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NAME: Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills Esq. RSStG, OStS,

PROFESSION/BERUF: Royal Consultant, Chairman, Editor-in-Chief




How do you describe yourself in one sentence?

I always try to be a gentleman, kind, polite, courteous and caring with a side of fun, excitement and adventure.


How do you know His Highness Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe of Germany?*

His Highness and I both dedicate a lot of time to the same endeavors. The work that both of us undertake in our professional lives and what we support overlap, so it was only natural that a friendship would come into being.


Which achievement are you especially proud of?

I am not sure where to start as there has been so much I have undertaken in my life. From book publishing, to Royal commentary, to being a Royal Advisor…. I would say that the one specific achievement I am especially proud of was seeing the 2015 Realms portrait of Her Majesty come to fruition. This portrait was conceptualised by me to which the British Monarchist Society, of which I am Chairman) and a few of its Patrons at the time were able to garner permission for sitting with Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace, which allowed us not only to make, but create history.

Buckingham Palace Garden Party with British Media King Thomas


What moves and encourages you?

I am moved and encourage by education, helping those less fortunate and wanting to belong to movements which are bigger than me and my existence.


Are you upset about critique?

I always welcome constructive criticism. There are many times that we do not see or observe what others may and such critiques can help us become a better version of ourselves. This is always a welcome aspect of life for me. I want to be the best me that I can be.


Where does your next trip lead you to?

My next trip takes me back to Serbia and then on for a short holiday with friends in the Greek Isles.


What can your assistant or help do that your smart phone can’t?

My smartphone is not that smart. My administrative assistant has common sense, does not purposely frustrate me with the intentional replacement of words in messages which cause embarrassment and she certainly is able to get me what I need with a cheerful smile, polite dialogue and the needed aspects of being human.


Are you a night owl or early bird and why?

I am certainly a vampire, I mean night owl! Lol. I have my best ideas during the night and am really able to concentrate on accomplishing work and developing projects during this time without interruption.


Whom would you like to dine with present or past (even a historic person)?

I have dined with many of my idols, heroes and mentors in the past. To me, dining is simply eating with polite conversation and niceties with the purpose to fill one’s stomach at a particular time of day. If I had to pick one person I would certainly choose the historic route and say Winston Churchill.


If you would bestow a decoration, order or honor who would receive it?

I would choose my brother for his devotion and contributions to the community in which he lives, the help, care and concern that he unselfishly gives to others and the success that he has made for himself despite the odds which he was left with earlier in his life.


What is your favorite restaurant?

I like food… and different styles of food… this is a difficult question. I would say for formal eating I prefer the Savoy Grill at the Savoy Hotel, Strand, London – it is my favourite place. On a more relaxed tone I like M steakhouse and restaurant. For a complete dirty day out, I do like Five Guys Burgers and Fries … there is just something about a greasy bacon and extra cheese cheeseburger! Yum!


The best place after a party night out in town?

My home! I often have friends round for drinks, eats and uber collection lol. Some may make it home and others may make it to other friend’s apartments, but for as long as the sun stays hidden away, the champagne is free flowing and the music is just as good as where we were.


How can you be treated with a culinary delight?

I am known to fully enjoy my favourites: chateaubriand and vanilla crème brulee. Crème brulee is my favourite pudding; however, I have been known to murder a sticky toffee pudding with salted vanilla ice cream. Anything sweet is a treat but I am a good steak and potatoes (dauphinoise) kind of guy. Lol.


How do you relax?

I enjoy writing and partaking in my hobbies; reading, listening to music, cinema and conceptualising new ideas and projects. Creativity puts me at ease and helps me relax.


If you could be someone else for a week, who would that be?

I would not want to be anyone else. We all have issues, drama, worries and stress no matter how great life may seem for other people. I would rather stay with the issues and stresses I know and can navigate. The grass is not always greener on the other side.


Your biggest hero?

Buzz Lightyear. I am just kidding lol. I have two heroes: King George VI and Sir Winston Churchill. These men prevailed over all odds not only in their personal lives but their public lives as well. The term duty is defined by these two great human beings.


Which character attributes do you treasure?

I treasure Loyalty, Duty, Trustworthiness, Honesty, Care and Compassion. These are the attributes which we all should practise and aspire to.


Which book did you read last?

I read my latest book “Their Majesties’ Mixers: When They Reign, They Pour” – I of course wanted to make sure the editor was correct in their duties, but also needed to research some information for one of my latest workshops which I was instructing. Before my own, it was “Royal Britain” by Christopher Winn.


What is a perfect day?

A perfect day for me is a picnic lunch at the base of the Copper Horse in Windsor Great Park with Champagne, jazz music and some games to play with friends. From this vantage point in the park, there is always a nice breeze I the summer, vistas of Windsor Castle and the outline of London’s magnificent skyline off in the distance. The perfect day is a gentle and easy English summer’s day in the Windsor countryside.


What are you proud of?

I am proud of many of my friends and family and the accomplishments they have made. I am especially proud of my little Britton –  he is the apple of my eye and gives me such purpose in this world.


Which dream do you want to fulfill yourself?

I am a dreamer, but it is how we implement our skills and know how to make dreams become reality. I have been fulfilling my dreams as a I grow and mature and have just brought another dream of mine to fruition with Crown and Country Magazine and the “Royl” coin currency. These aspirations have been years in the making and were dreams that have now been realised thanks to dedication, perseverance and strength of character.


Whats your favorite drink?

Champagne with a champagne chaser lol. I do also love my gin, either in martini form – no olives or with tonic, lemon and lime.


Your biggest success?My biggest success… this is a question! How do we measure success? I think my biggest success is yet to come as I do not yet feel that any of my accomplishments would have the merit to be my “biggest” success. I do not measure my own success or accomplishments against any other individual, only against what I can and am able to do and control within my own life and boundaries.


Your biggest down?

The jealousy and hateful spirit of others. I often feel down and low when people purposely use malice and jealousy to bring hurt to and bring down/destroy others, simply because other may be doing well, seem “successful” and are doing something with their life. I often say that people do not like success unless it is their own – this is proven every day and I feel this is one of the poorest qualities that humans can employ; jealousy, malice and destruction.


What can’t you understand?

I can not understand why there has to be such destruction and hate in the world. I seldom watch the news because it is nothing more than the ugliness of the world broadcast 24 hours a day. There are seldom nice stories with positive outcomes or themes. Life is difficult enough for most people and I do not want to be constantly exposed to the ugly side of humanity when we could do so many great and beautiful things together. There is always a solution for war, but not for peace – think about that!


Which talent would you like to have?

I think we are all talented in our own way, but I would love to have the ability to be vocally inclined. I would love to have a smooth velvety voice which would make people swoon, but the karaoke booth will just have to deal with one more screeching buffoon ha ha. 


Share a life wisdom with us?

Never look down at a champagne bottle as you are about to cork it!


Life is too short to?

Life is too short to not take every opportunity offered to you. Travel and live life, enjoy what the world has to offer. Life is about experiences not money for it is the experiences you will have that will truly make you wealthy.


How do you define luxury?

Luxury: Charbonnel et Walker, good Champagne, Claridges, Cunard, Burberry and most of the Royal Warrant Holder’s products that I use. Luxury is in the eye of the beholder and those that want to treat themselves as they know they deserve.


What do you always have in your fridge?

My refrigerator is a bit stark but you are always guaranteed to find champagne, the makings for good charcuterie, left over pasta and veggies, lots of butter and maybe bits of a Sunday roast I use to make a quick sandwich haha…


Whats your life motto?

I have always taken this line from the film “Auntie Mame” with Rosalind Russell which has defined my life. When I was younger I did have a real-life Auntie Mame which makes this motto all the more relevant: “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death”.


Whats your favorite website?

My favourite website… this is a toss up between and simply because I love British fashion and British music/arts. I am always on one or the other, although is not a bad visit either ?


Whats your favorite app?

Slacker Radio is great! I love Pandora and Spotify but this new app that I just downloaded plays songs that it thinks I’ll like and let’s me try out one of its human-curated channels and playlists. It also has hyper-specific playlists that appeal to my particular tastes and moods. Its great!


Whats your favorite sport?

I love winter sport, mainly skiing and ice-hockey. These sports have always kept me energised, trim and with my friends on cold winter days.


What would be your last meal?

Well, I am allergic to mushrooms, so pretty much anything with mushrooms may very well be my last meal, unless I am able to get to the A&E quickly or locate an epi-pen extra quick.

36. Tell us something you never told anyone before?

I am a cereal killer – I have been known to murder a whole box of Fruity Pebbles in one sitting.



Instagram: @themrmonarchy

Twitter: @TheMrMonarchy, @ThomasJMMADM

* His Highness Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe of Germany is a real European Prince and Artist.
He studied Jazz Dance in Hollywood at icon Luigi with Liza Minnelli and studied acting with David Strasberg at the world famous Lee Strasberg Institute in Hollywood.
He was lead in Pretty Faces The Musical, Dracula’s Story and Twelve Days of Christmas World Premiere. Then he starred and acted in TV-Shows by Warner Brother, films for Livetime and hit shows on ABC, CBS, VH1, NBC and RTL.  He hosts his own TV-Show for the last eight years Astro Royal reaching 102,7 Million households in 34 countries and is a multi Golden Halo Award Winning Actor, Award Winning producer and media personality holding 3 Master degrees and a doctorate.
He created a top selling fragrance and Teleshopping line, wrote several books and his latest book is published by the worlds largest publishing company Bertelsmann Randomhouse Books. He appeared in thousands of Articles and on dozens of covers of Magazines, being himself an alumni Gruner and Jahr and Burda Media author for Europes Largest Magazine. His recent Music productions are We Are One by Grammy Winner David Longoria, three of his own Albums The Royal Album 1, 2 & 3, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Disney’s Lion King Producer and Imagine in Seven Languages coming out next.
He loves social Media and the princely family is online under their Website: ♔ Facebook: ♔ Instagram: ♔ Twitter: ♔ Hashtag: #princemariomaxschaumburglippe