Taipei Fashion Week SS 22 Wrap up

Damur Huang founded high-end streetwear label #DAMUR in Berlin in 2015, won the 2019/20 AW PREMIUM Young Talents Award in 2019. In June 2020, #DAMUR started #kiosk project and showcased in Berlin Fashion Week and Taipei Fashion Week. On the SS22 #kiosk 2.0 collection, the designer continuous his concern on the pandemic and the global climate changes.

This year, the show runs live from the busiest Ximen station and ends in Shongshan station for public viewing.The design concept surround with upcycling the animal prints, the zebra and leopard prints are made by secondhand and upcycled fabrics, and the silhouettes using bold Berliner cut-outs and catchy topped underwear to recreate the new normal look.The showcases of a regular day of commuting in Taipei is #DAMUR’s way to interpret:  even we are caged by the pandemic, we never given up on dressed up, not even in transit.


CHARINYEH SS 22 is inspired by the first ever Taiwanese science fiction film《War of God》1976. Exploring conflicts between human and nature as well as tradition and science; the collection is showcased at a cinema within the iconic Lions’ Plaza Commercial building ( first opened in 1979 ) in Taipei.  The reference to looking back at the past and looking forward to the future fits perfectly with the sitting of the showcase. As well as the juxtaposition of future past, the colour palette of the collection consists of a retro filter of neutral color khaki, orange, fluorescent yellow, water blue reminiscent of a vintage futuristic vibe. As for the materials, the designer utilizes block colour patch combined with functional fabric to present diversity, emphasizing the expertise of Taiwanese recycle innovation. Over the years, CHARINYEH continues to reinvent the brand’s sartorial archetypes along with the future imaginary, experiencing technological approaches into design’s philosophy, and injecting new savoir-faire into the design process.


“Eternity” is inspired by the prestigious work of American contemporary artist Georgia O’Keeffe’s „Morning Glory“. “Although this flower bloom in the morning and fade in the evening, it yearns to reveal the most admirable floral beauty when bloom; exhibit its various colors of the petals when fading.”, says designer Jean. This collection employs the life cycle of flowers to depict the philosophical idea of fleeting time.

 Designer Chun-Yuan Jean has also developed a profound idea via creating this very collection that connects the garments and flowers, which depicts the order that dominates us and the nature we live in: Each life in the universe moves in its own rhythm and rhyme. It moves from spring to blossom; birth to aging; sickness to death; sunrise to sunset, and so does the universe itself. The collections are made of natural and recycled fibers, using customized design with multi-layered cutting and draping techniques that combines with the recycled glass to re-create the image stamen and accessories of “Morning Glory”, once again demonstrating the value of „circular economy“ and „environmental symbiosis”.

 Claudia Wang 

 The central theme for Claudia Wang SSS 22 focused on expressing that although the fragility of life remains unchanged, there is freedom in breaking through these shackles with art, fashion and technology, imagining and creating a beautiful and better future. A blend of classic ballet and hip hop symbolize the spectrum of two very different genres. Through the fusion and juxtaposition of color and line symbols, the collection aims to showcase the concept of freedom and surrealism.

The showcase is the first time Taipei Fashion Week sees physical and virtual models on the same stage. The show featured 30 looks of physical clothing and 12 looks of virtual designs presented in a dynamic and immersive experience that combined the traditional fashion show with a virtual reality world constructed through 3D virtual technology.

As an advocate for sustainability in fashion, Claudia Wang has made a personal commitment to her work, this collection and the upcoming show to hold a central focus on environmental issues. From environmentally friendly design processes and fabric dying, reduced tailoring and use of specific sustainable techniques for pattern placement and typography, Claudia Wang has balanced the sustainable creation of fashion whilst maintaining the artistic focus and value.


 Dleet’s SS22 collections inspired by the caused of epidemic.

Conflicting by work from home and the stay at home times, the awareness of life style changes abstracting the designers’ creation of clothes. This season, designer Baron Lee mixed Dleet’s signature elements and deconstruct their formal wear with resort wear to bring a fun yet surreal world in fashion.


DOUCHANGLEE SS22 series inspired by Natural Flows .

Inspired by light, shadow , cloud and the flowing air, DOUCHANGLEE create a modern, simple silhouette using spherical tailoring, streamlined and recycled fibers to create comfort looks.

The designer duo present the concept of flow between light and shadow, mixing the bright silk fabric and matte cotton, using natural material combine with coating, to create light weight and modern elegance. DOUCHANGLEE SS22, using the well-controlled texture to conform our needs for comfy and sustainability.

Gioia PAN

 Gioia PAN Yiliang is among the very few global designers that specialize in knitting fashion. With knitting techniques as common threads, GIOIA PAN collections emphasize both textures and designs. Her originality interfuses elegant, retro, romantic, and classy styles.

With her substantial faculty of original knitting designs, Gioia derives inspirations from various aspects in life, and never ceases to arouse spanking new waves of creativity.  Driven by her passionate pursuit for the knitting artistry, Gioia unrelentingly kindles fresh fashion sparks, and enjoys the fame as the Knitting Queen.


For fashion designer Kuo Wei “Design is based on paranoia and suspense”. He employs a deconstructed styles within the SS 22 collection that is true to what INF is about. The collection is continuously dismantled and reshaped resulting in a series of garments that can be worn in multiple ways. Gender is blurred within the monochromic colour palette of the collection. With an emphasize on sustainable practise, designer Kuo Wei continues to develop seasonal renewable materials and technics to employed on his creation.


JENN LEE joins Taipei Fashion Week this season at Xinsheng Viaduct Skatepark to celebrate and showcase SS 22 with her signature street style. Inspired by the Oriental philosophy of „constant changes in the universe“, the show uses psychedelic elements to convey the concept of „Live in the moment“.

The collection is a deeply personal as it reflects the changes in JENN LEE’s new chapter as a mother and discovers what this new journey means to her and continues to strive to empower women to honor themselves and embrace their individuality and wild side.

JENN LEE continue her recycling method from last collections using leftover stock fabric and yarns derived from recycled plastic bottles, and has also found new ways to up-cycle denim to keep sustainability as the core of the brand, expressing her environmental protection creativity.

 Jamie Wei Huang

 The SS22 collection story begins from experiencing a physical accident.

By going through countless ultrasounds, MRI’s, and all sorts of scientific and medical procedures, images from inside the body were projected on a screen.

These projections simultaneously appeared in a subjective, yet extremely objective way, almost religious in nature.ome say I can’t cut and paste from yours.

Some say you live with your own enemy.

From flesh to spirits, we are all trapped in a form that is subjectively designed by ourselves to match the expectations of this world. We appear in a shape that was planned, calculated, and controlled. We then break off the parts that do not match. Inner-self in this beautiful world.

 Liyu Tsai

This season creative director Liyu Tsai uses Utopia as the theme of her design. Liyu’s SS22 collection fuses rich cultural heritage and delicate craftsmanship with inspiration taken from the local uniqueness of Taiwan. Liyu references tracery and tiles from traditional old houses whilst also mixing in aspects of Renaissance classicism. This collection highlights the beauty of custom made, hand crafted pieces and combines tidy lines with more poignant colors such as butter yellow, Orchid flower red and Atlantic blue. Naturally derived fabrics such as fine-count cotton, linen, and silk deliver a new vitality to the spring summer collection. Liyu Tsai uses the technique of mirroring repeat patterns alongside delicate and elegantly coloured dyes to create dynamic images to express a strong visual contrast to the flowy silhouettes of the garments. The detailed designs reveal Liyu’s exquisite effortlessness and romantic imagination whilst also giving a strong nod to the diversity and confidence of modern femininity.


Capturing inspiration from „Dust and Light“, the SS 22 collection aims to present Eastern cultural sensibilities and Taiwanese textile craftsmanship at its best. Materials and techniques such as embroidery, jacquard and stitching create a sense of elegance and stillness that’s central to Silenze’ Eatern philosophy.

Looking carefully through the delicate layers of silks and exquisite trims, let your eyes follow the gleaming lights and shapes and see the illusion of vast deserts, dust and light created by the forms of nature. The shade of gold resonates conversation between humanities and environment, showing our greatest respect and humble gratitude to nature.


Inspired by the movie 《Sin City》, the SS22 Couture collection is about the undercover “MISTER MISS” who continues her mission under the world of Covid. Mixing the formal wear and military uniforms, designer Jill Shen combines underwear with outwear; using military nylon, western suit fabrics and yarn layer together to create a complex, sexy yet mysterious look.This season, Seivson continue their signature techniques to reconstruct women’s wear; using body wrapping, fitted waistline and bustier to present the curves and charm of the mysterious yet independent women.

 Story Wear 

This season Story Wear chose Taipei Fashion Week to showcase their SS22 collection entitled “ATOMS & COAST”. The brand worked alongside artisans from disadvantaged backgrounds to create this collection which was made entirely from 100% upcycled textiles to align with the Story Wear’s firm beliefs on zero waste fashion, sustainability and environmental consciousness. This collection was inspired by the work of filmmaker, Chi Po-Lin and in particular a collection of images which recorded the incredible beauty of Taiwan’s coastline but also the damages caused by relentless human activity; Story Wear successfully reimagined Chi Po-lin’s works to create new totems, prints and designs for this season. Story Wear not only seeks to raise awareness of fashion’s environmental impact, but also to communicate its core ethos – Upcycle Design with Social Impact. They continue to inspire the rest of the world, little by little, into believing that it is never too late for change, and that the world can always strive to be a better place.


WANGLILING presented their latest collection “Voltverge Matrix” as an applause to the humbling power that electricity holds in our modern day lives. Once again, Wang sculptured the characteristics of natural elements, this time taking the element of electricity, and turning it into a stunning SS22 collection using innovative craft techniques and extraordinary designs. Black and silver are the core colors of the collection, with Wang taking inspiration from ‘the darkness’ where electricity shines the brightest. The laser-cut lightning bolts hidden throughout the garments add a touch of fun whilst also demonstrating the capabilities that electricity holds. The lightning silhouettes showcase themselves with the model’s movement, binding to enhance their strength, transform, and reveal a brand new persona. For the collection’s finale, intertwined rings of copper coils blossom into electromagnetic fields ; the entire collection demonstrates that through electricity, individuals can plug into the internet and connect to humanity and yet any individual has the power provoke a ripple in the whole chain, whilst when each person strives together for the right cause, there are unlimited possibilities.


Taiwanese functional streetwear brand WEAVISM debut the SS 2022 collection at Taipei Fashion Week. Well known for its innovative fabrics, functional aesthetics, this season WEAVISM inspired by “Conflicts “ , designer mixing two different styles to kick off the curtain.

As one style focus in complexity and functionality while the other series redefining the shapes of conventional tops and bottoms, the two different styles share the same environmentally friendly fabrics, recyclable nylon and waterproof organic cotton , to present conflicts with same  beliefs.