Positive Fashion

The British Fashion Council continues to focus on its Positive Fashion initiative, a platform designed to celebrate industry best practice and encourage future business decisions to create positive change.

Positive Fashion is led by 3 strategic pillars –


Ethics – Focuses on social, environmental and business governance to drive a more sustainable fashion future. Positive Fashion champions the long term sustainability of the fashion sector which contributes £32.3 Billion to the UK economy in GDP and supports 890,000 jobs. Through the power of collective influence, our Positive Fashion committee of global brands, designer businesses and industry stakeholders gather thought leadership and drive change through best practice.


People – Represents the people, from the product makers to the staff, students and models who pioneer our brands. The BFC takes the lead in setting the standards for an industry that strives to represent equality and diversity on the global stage. Championing the importance of every person in the sector as a vital and valuable part of our industry entitled to be treated with respect and dignity.


Community – Supports the community of talent, skills and craftsmanship that make up our unique industry. Our initiatives are designed to develop connections and understanding between designers and manufacturers taking a holistic approach to the long term viability of the sector. We celebrate the wealth of talent and capability that is unique to British designer businesses.

The British Fashion Council Positive Fashion logo celebrates the designers who are adhering to Positive Fashion principles within their businesses and in turn promoting and contributing to positive change within our industry. We encourage the whole fashion industry to promote the good news stories and come together with one voice.

Designers at London Fashion Week September 2018 who have been awarded the Positive Fashion logo have been awarded for their efforts within the below criteria