Luisa Beccaria presents her FW 22/23 with an author short movie. The new project totally shot indoors exploits the emotional and evocative power of cinematographic language.

The designer, flanked by her daughter Lucilla, starts from a painter’s canvas in liquid colors  – that is almost a magical mirror – and through the dream leads us on a journey towards lightness. In an artist’s atelier, across the chromatism of art, she reflects on the weight that muted and twilight colours have in her collections.

 Models and dancers move lightly throughout frames that highlight the delicacy, transparency and that fragile idea of fashion, – with flowery and impalpable prints – which represents the DNA of the brand.

The autumn outfits, which seem to be the natural continuation of the late summer ones, give way to the winter looks which when paired with boots are all perfect for the holiday season and the evenings in the mountains. Delicate dresses, shirts and blouses in light fabrics, are progressively warmed up by turtlenecks and leggings in coordinated micro patterns and paired with slim redingote, couture outerwear and eco-fur jackets.

This hyper-feminine and sophisticated collection plays with the weights of the fabrics, the different textures and the archive tapestry prints.

Chiffon, lace, stretch satin, iridescent devorè velvet and soft stretch jersey contrast with full-bodied satins, printed wools, suede and rich brocades.

The patterns are an obvious homage to some must haves worn over the years by Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker.

 The scarlet and light-blue corollas, stand out on ivory and blue backgrounds. In addition, light trompe l’oeil ramage are mixed with all-over micro prints in shades of green. These iconic prints are declined in the IT-dresses: Luisa (chemisier with belt), Whitney (characterized by long rows of buttons) and Marylin (finely pleated), on jumpsuits, blouses and new suits that combine double-breasted caban with miniskirts.

 Suede and jersey are also used for loose longuette skirts coordinate with a two-tone sporty  cashmere knitwears an classic sweaters  in woven wool.

Cocktail and dreamy dresses in fluffy ivory and burgundy chiffon are embellished with rose appliqués and 3D embroidery.  On the head, like beauty crowns, precious padded headbands.

The color palette, extremely vivid and rich in shades, has a lagoon inspiration. All the colors of the sky and the romantic circles of roses fade into the water, lit by touches of acid green, purple and deep red. Once again, Luisa Beccaria’s sustainable luxury becomes the door of a optimistic message of harmony and brightness.


 From the collaboration with Clemente Tivioli, the son of Carlo, comes a first capsule collection of shearlings and suede coats that highlight the values of the brand through its craftsmanship and know-how.

Innovative and completely sustainable materials that give life to romantic and delicate pieces. From this partnerships are born unique and inimitable creations in unusual pastel tones, reminiscent of those worn by the tsarinas. The leather is magically transformed into a very light fabric, finished with velvet ribbons, trimmings, lace inserts and laminated brocade.


Ludic Mood, the video project with which the collection is presented, is a hymn to an all-female creativity expressed through design, cinema, art and music.

The short movie, direct by Amaranta Medri, is almost entirely set in the studio of the young artist Sofia Cacciapaglia which is a real art installation..

The art work – Giardino di Carta – represents a huge a bright nature, a whirlwind of flowers that express the strength and magic of rebirth. To create it, the painter covered all the walls of his studio with paper boxes that were recovered, opened and used as a pictorial support. This poor and waste material is thus transformed, through painting, into an enchanted garden.

 The music is signed by another exceptional woman, Emmanuelle. In the background E’ solo un gioco, her most famous song and a series of melodies composed ad hoc for this project.