How Suzanne Natbony succeeds with every project she is involved in! Her exclusive tell-all interview and secrets of success she never shared before…

How do you describe yourself in one sentence?

I’m a lawyer and entrepreneur, who loves my work, and keeps work-life balance by staying healthy and having fun!

How do you know Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe?

We met at a party in Beverly Hills, back in 2015. I invited Max to my company’s launch party, which was the next day. He came and my parents, friends and colleagues enjoyed meeting him.

Which achievement are you especially proud of?

 I am proud of being the first female of my immediate family to go to law school and then starting my own law practice (solveandwin.com) and creating a website to help consumers with affordable legal information and documents (lawtake.com).

What moves and encourages you?

I am a health nut, so I love preventive medicine – exercise, eating healthy, etc.

Are you upset about critique?

No, I think that constructive feedback helps people grow. No one is perfect, so we should strive for excellence, which means that we have to know our weaknesses.

Where does your next trip lead you to?

I have booked a trip to Las Vegas to attend the Aesthetic Show, which is about aesthetic medical treatments. A client gave me the pass last year and I won the grand prize to go back and am adding 2 days of fun to my trip! The Aesthetic Show is great so I can help my friends learn about procedures and also help clients learn about potential pitfalls to avoid.

What can your assistant or help do that your smart phone can’t? My smart phone cannot do a lot – it can’t cook, clean, do laundry, fix my computer or other things, write emails, paint/touchup, sew, run errands, etc.

Are you a night owl or early bird and why? I am both. I get up early and stay up late sometimes.

Whom would you like to dine with present or past (even a historic person)? Cleopatra

If you would bestow a decoration, order or honor who would receive it? My parents!

What is your favorite restaurant?

So many. I don’t really have only one. If I had been to Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in the Maldives, then, based on what I’ve read, that would probably be my favorite. Otherwise, Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athénée in Paris.

The best place after a party night out in town?

My home!

How can you be treated with a culinary delight?

It’s always sweet to receive chocolates or chocolate covered strawberries.

How do you relax?

I actually don’t have an issue relaxing, so I could be doing just about anything; but I also meditate almost daily, do yoga and try to go to sleep at a regular hour.

If you could be someone else for a week, who would that be? Supergirl

Your biggest hero?

Aside from my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and sister, all of them – really are heroes, I really like Hillary Clinton despite all the controversy surrounding her. She got to run for president, be a first lady, is another blonde attorney, have a marriage to someone attractive and charismatic, with whom she stayed together, despite trials and tribulations, and have a child. She has it all.

Which character attributes do you treasure?

Someone who is healthy, happy, wise, wealthy, confident, caring, loving, ethical and stands up for what is right.

Which book did you read last? Resonate, which is about how to create messages that last.

What is a perfect day? 

Every Sunday, I enjoy making a smoothie, going to the Santa Monica stairs, then the beach to lay out and read, then yoga and finally go home and relax. It’s my favorite day of the week.

What are you proud of?

I am proud of where I am in life: I am working in my dream occupation, living in my dream location and am so grateful for my family and friends!

Which dream do you want to fulfill yourself?

One of my teams and I are working on bringing a patent-pending class II medical device to the consumer market. I’d like to fulfill that dream.

What’s your favorite drink?  Rooibos tea with cocoa powder and a splash of vegan milk

Your biggest success? Launching LawTake

Your biggest down? It’s frustrating that some lawyers can be so resistant, and some don’t like putting out affordable content to help people.

What can’t you understand? I can’t understand fakeness.

Which talent would you like to have? I follow Dr. Paul Ekman and I loved the TV show, Lie to Me. I’d like to have that lie detecting talent that he has in that show.

Share a life wisdom with us? 

Communication is key. A breakdown of communication is what has led to most litigation that I have seen in my practice, coupled with a failure to conduct due diligence. I suggest utilizing due diligence and communication in personal and professional endeavors.

Life is too short to?

Not be genuine, work smart, courageously feel, keep in touch with friends and be happy! I got all of this from Bronnie Ware, who is a hospice nurse, who asked people who were about to pass away, what are their biggest regrets: https://bronnieware.com/

How do you define luxury? A feeling that lacks distractions, such as this is not soft, this is dirty, this is not functioning optimally, etc. Luxury is awesome!

What do you always have in your fridge? A lot of fresh veggies, fruit, eggs, vegan milk, hummus and hemp protein powder.

Whats your life motto? Every day, I work towards achieving optimal love, happiness, health, wisdom and wealth.  And my Facebook page says: “Proud and loving life, transparently!”

Whats your favorite website? I like Facebook because I like keeping in touch with friends and finding out what’s going on.

Whats your favorite app? Besides Facebook, I also like the weather channel, google maps and the Reminder App

Whats your favorite sport? I play tennis weekly.

What would be your last meal?

Anything that Ithaa Undersea Restaurant serves and it would be there! Also, I’d have to eat stuff that I’m allergic too, since I wouldn’t care about the reaction

Tell us something you never told anyone before? 

That’s hard because as I said, my motto is “proud and loving life transparently” because I don’t really have secrets! I also don’t like gossiping, hypocrisy or being two faced.  So, I used to live by the rule, “if you can’t say something to someone’s face, then don’t say it.” I guess I’ve never told anyone that I have come to learn, especially in learning the platinum rule (“treat others how they want to be treated”), that sometimes, you don’t tell someone something to their face that you would confide in a friend because they can’t handle the truth, which is unfortunate. Just because I can take criticism, even when upset, by focusing on staying present, smiling, breathing and thinking up (which is all protocol that I learned from the Alexander Technique, and is a mantra that I repeat during my daily meditations), not everyone can handle. While I endeavor to say things in a constructive way, which would make someone ultimately appreciative, I realize that unfortunately, not everyone has sufficient core gratitude to comfortably accept such criticism, nor openness. And of course, I have to keep bettering myself at delivery of such critiques!


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