Dair design at the Berlin Fashion Week

On Tuesday the 15th of January, the label dair design presented the newest collection in Berlin at the Fashion Week. Afterwards we had an interview with the designer. It was a great show

DAIR design is a haute couture clothinline for men and woman in all sizes. This collection is called ‚The Power of Movement‘. The way we move true life, how this inspires us to be the best version of our lives. Aim to learn and develop everyday. Don’t live in fear, be fearless! The looks symbolize the power that DAIR des

The collections is powerfull and detailed. The power of movement is translated to a combination of different personalities, music  and fabric choices. Both men and woman come across strong and focussed on their goal. They are and live fashion. Fashion is what they adore and style is who they are.  It’s a movement from couture to ready to wear in one collection. The power is to love yourself and believe in yourself and DAIR to be..