Alchemy of a split, by Jerry Treit

Alchemy of a split, by Jerry Treit Copyright © 2017 CAT BLANCHE

„We wear masks, togs, haircuts, tattoos of eternity, but in in the essence we are naked. I do not really think that anyone cares about it looking to the inside. The more we express to the outer world, the less we maintain for ourselves. In my painting I take a look into these depths, I try to find a harmony between both of these worlds. Everything merges in the chaos of daily life, one side turns to the other. One gets new hair, the other gets new wings… Dichotomy grows.

Drawing a line, a soul, a horizon, each time I put my other hand into these depths, as bathing in a bottomless pit, fishing what the waters like to give. Two universes occur. The one out of a magazine, and the intimate one. It´s the theatre of art. A little pop. The poetry of schizophrenia. The beauty of randomness by the embarrassment of completely different worlds – sometimes only fitting by color… the color of presenters‘ hair and the color of my Starbucks coffee, seasoned by the coziness of warm winter sox, and finished by the rumble of a rocket taking out to Syria. A feast of emotions. This fine crack we call life.“