Ukrainian artist Ivan Turetskyy at the Swiss Logistics Center of Chiasso from 13 November

Ukrainian artist Ivan Turetskyy at the Swiss Logistics Center of Chiasso from 13 November

Fifteen works of art, rich in color that give magic to the observer who gets lost with his gaze and his soul in the vortex of chromatic movement and micro-macro geometries that the master’s wise soul and mind were able to create, leading us to review a new post-futurism in a completely new key where art returns fully to be the master of the scene. The Authorities of Chiasso and Castiglione Olona, ​​of the Canton of Ticino, the President of Propeller Club Milano, and the Italy-Hong Kong Association, Dr. Riccardo Fuochi will be present Master Ivan Turetskyy at the Swiss Logistics Center of Chiasso, in Switzerland.

Out of the depths

Out of the depths 2014, 90 x 45 cm, acrylic on canvas, oil

Ivan Turetskyy was born on August 17, 1956, in Krasnoyarsk (Russia). He trained artistically at the Lviv Ivan Trush University of Art and Lviv State Institute of Decorative Arts and Crafts. He currently works in the fields of oil painting, graphics, and heraldry. Ivan Turetskyy is a member of the Union of National Artists of Ukraine. His works can be found in private collections in Ukraine and abroad. The Ukrainian artist has created an underground culture within the strand of metaphysical art. In contrast to the uniqueness of Soviet society, his intellectual enigmas resembled the works of Alberto Savinio, only to arrive at neo-futurism.

Plasticity has long played a special role in the works by Ivan Turetsky. The shadows of his favorite artistic masterpieces become visible: baroque sculpture and Byzantine icon. The conscious connection between abstract form and visual experience was once well substantiated by his compatriot, Ukrainian Cubo-futurist Oleksandr Archipenko: “Art is not what we see, but what we have inside us.


Seasons -Breth, Autumn 2006, paper, gouache, 30 x 18 cm

Turetsky’s works are a suggestion of these current phenomena: the chain of acquired knowledge and Plotinus’ theory of emanation: unity is essential to living. Turetskyy’s paintings seem to sum up this assumption theorized by Plotinus: The Soul has only a spirit of begging which simply colors its surface with light, when it is spiritualized; the Spirit, on the contrary, has it as its own: it is however not only and purely light, but its being is irradiated with light even in its intimate essence; but whoever administers the light to it is another light, a pure and simple light that offers the spirit the possibility of being what it is. Color in Turetskyy translates into a taste for the fantastic and the unknown.

The Ukrainian artist reproduces Plotinus‘ concepts of light and darkness on his canvas, showing the different planes of being according to the intensity of the color. Dynamic rotating rhythms, which are always the basis of the compositional structure of Ivan’s works, give them subconscious affinity with Archipenko’s sculptures. Because neither the feeling of mass nor rhythm can be imitated, these things are the fruit of the subconscious germination.

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