VIP Gala Award Ceremony and Launching Event NORTH POLE


President Orazio Anania and Art Director Simone Orlandini invited to the Berlinale Gala Award 2019 of the Premio Apoxiomeno Award, which honored outstanding personalities from film and television for their work. Past winners include Helen Miren, Colin Firth and Gina Lollobrigida. Nominees from the past and present like Caroline Peters will wait.

Following the award ceremony, new projects featuring strong women and men will be presented by:New projects from the producers of award-winning and global successes like Merchant of Venice, Star Wars and TV series Borgia and Britannia

NORTH POLE –  A feature film and a 4 x 45 min. TV drama.

The true story of Nobile’s pioneering flight to the top of the world that ends in disaster leading to the biggest international sea-and air rescue in history, called ‚The Greatest Drama of the Frozen North‘ by The New York Times in 1928. It’s the dramatic story of nine men stranded on the melting Arctic Ice and the efforts of nine countries and a rule-breaking female aviator to bring them back alive.

Photo ZeitBlatt Dirk Lang

Further line-up:

LA NOTTE DELLA RABBIA – Thriller – Based on the novel by Roberto Riccardi. In Rome in the 80s, officer Leone must deal with Sap terrorists, partisans and former SS elite now playing double agents to unearth a hidden story going back to Auschwitz where he was saved.

NORA – Thriller/Drama – In Sicily 1942, Sturmbannführer Hans and the aristocratic Italian daughter Nora get into a perverse victim executioner game after an underground revenge act against the German occupation.

THE GREAT RACE: PEKING TO PARIS – Adventure Drama – Set in 1907 it tells the story of 2 adventurous drivers competing for 15,000 km in the most difficult car race in history.

THE BIG BUSINESS – Thriller/Comedy – Insurance detective and struggling mother Hannah faces hard-to-believe death cases in a remote village full of awkward people after they all signed life insurances with herboss.

CIAO AMORE – Drama – A couples life is turned upside down when Anna looses her memory after a car accident. When Marco learns that Anna wanted to leave him he tries all to save his marriage as her memory is coming back slowly.

JET WITH US – Thriller 6 x 1hr series – Set today, in the world of 3 flight attendants who are flatmates in Berlin. When one of them gets arrested and accused of being part of a hacker team that attacked the Berlin airport, grounding all airplanes, their trust and friendship are put to a test.

ALMOST INVISIBLE – Thriller –  6 x 1hr series – In the dark, treacherous world of a war simulation in the Bavarian forest, the borders between game and reality become blurred for young Josi.

SURVIVING THE THIRD REICH – VR Game – Go on a historic adventure helping your friends survive when Hitler comes into power until WWII breaks out in this realistic virtual reality game.

THE GREAT OCEAN (DEBRIS) – VR Experience – about how climate change and ocean pollution affects us and what we can do about it – in cooperation with NGOs, NASA scientists & others.

MIRIQUIDOR – Fantasy 360° 8K Fantasy 25min shortfilm about a musical boy who discovers love in a lost mine world beneath us – exclusive preview premiere.



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