Valentino Autumn Winter 2021-22 Fashion Show

Re-opening a theatre, even if only for the duration of one performance, is a bold, almost punk gesture: an invitation to come together and share when these activities are denied.

The Performance: Cosima- Born and raised in London, Cosima has a way of making an emotional connection with her audience with her unique tone and unlimited vocal range.
Her fans connect with the honesty and vulnerability in the lyrics that tell her story. In life and through her artistic work, she does not strive to fit into a particular mould. This is clearly seen in her journey and development as an artist
Valentino Autumn / Winter 2021 opened on a somewhat melancholic note. Dimmed stage lights illuminated an empty stage at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, closed for long months due to the pandemic and strict closures across the country. Milan’s Giuseppe Verdi Symphony Orchestra and an Australian singer Cosima performed Sinéad O’Connor’s „Nothing Compares 2U“ as models in total black and white emerged from the darkness.

The coronavirus crisis in Italy has had a major impact on society in many ways. While quarantine blues clearly reigned in this runway show, the hope for beauty and triumph of art over suffering was as high as ever. Opening the theatre after such a long time, creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli told WWD, was „a bold, almost punkish sign“.
The new collection also represents strength of spirit and the true Italian idea of glamour – if you don’t know what to wear, wear black because it’s elegant. While the collection is almost entirely in black and white, it is anything but boring. Each look offers a completely different story and context while following the same theme. Piccioli played with different fabrics, layers and new silhouettes, resulting in incredible versatility. Items like long chiffon and lace dresses took us back to classic Italian visions of femininity, while oversized jackets and shorts offered a vision of modern chic. Short, voluminous dresses combined with elegant coats or A-silhouette ponchos, which was a new addition to Valentino’s signature silhouettes. Piccioli also impressed us with interesting textures: parkas and cashmere coats were embellished with 3D floral embroidery, knitwear with futuristic holes and boots with a sophisticated engraving of rubber leaves. A few totally golden looks offered an extra touch of extravagance: an oversized metallic jacket is an absolute must for every fashionista.
Piccioni also showed us how you can wear seemingly the same items in a completely different way. In the conventional way, a simple white shirt can be worn under a sweatshirt. But it also turned out that we can wear it on top of a futuristic turtleneck with holes and finish it off with a third layer of parka or coat. These layers look effortless and elegant, but at the same time are casual and can be worn to any occasion – opera, office or night out.

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