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“Harry and Meghan: The Wedding Acorn” – International Charity Appeal

From the Chairman of the British Monarchist Society & Foundation Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills Esq. OStS, BA,BS in person


The British Monarchist Society & Foundation is launching a new international charity appeal to celebrate the Royal Wedding of H.R.H. Prince Harry and Miss Meghan Markle. The charity project is in the form of a limited numbered edition commemorative wedding book, which sees proceeds divided between each of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s seven appointed/designated charities. The high spec, glossy pictorial celebrates not only the wedding of Prince Harry, but also the seven charities he and his bride-to-be have chosen to be the recipients of wedding gift donations. From the sale of each book, £6.25 will be donated to the project’s global charity fund, of which funds will be dispersed at the conclusion of the charity book sale.

Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills Esq. OStS, BA,BS
British Monarchist Society & Foundation

Book Specs: A bespoke, luxurious, full-colour landscape presentation, hardback, perfect bound, running to circa 120-160 pages, dimensions TBA.
Book Cost £25.00 plus P&P to destination country
Website:  (available 14 May)

His Highness, Prince Mario Max of Schaumburg-Lippe heads the roll call of Royals and celebrities participating in the project and contributing to its editorial. A full list of participants will be available in due time. The project will further include Her Majesty’s Realm countries who will also have a chance to customise the book for their own nations in celebration of Prince Harry’s wedding by inviting their own charities to participate and receive funding from the project’s global charity fund. Official letters are currently on their way to the High Commissions.

Numbered limited first edition sales for “Harry and Meghan: The Wedding Acorn” will only be offered until 28 May with the unlimited book edition available for sale on 1 July. Pre-orders are being accepted now for the numbered limited edition deluxe publication, which will see each book ordered accompanied by a personal letter of thanks from the BMSF, Prince Mario Max of Schaumburg-Lippe and other participants.

E-versions of the book will be for sale as well as other formats which will allow people around the world, regardless of their financial abilities to participate and contribute to this wonderful and unique global celebration of Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding as well as the charitable giving aspect the young couple have undertaken.

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