The “Salvation” of Berlin- The Strumbellas Show

With „Spirits“ The Strumbellas, Canadian country, folky band, brought a world hit two years ago – now they return musically with their new album “Rattle Snake”. They recently released their new single „Salvation“,and in addition to the new song, there are also live dates for the Strumbellas. On 18th of March they stopped in Berlin, Privat Club after Köln and before Hamburg Shows. They gave an amazing vibe to Berlin.

The band released “Hope” in 2016, included the massive hit “Spirits,”. The single hit No. 1 on the Billboard Alternative Songs Chart and made a huge sound in Germany, Canada, Italy and France. Their upcoming album “Rattlesnake”, will be released on 29th of March contains 9 songs. The released song “Salvation” is already had a place on Billboard’s Alternative Songs Chart.

A True Show in Berlin from The Strumbellas

Opening their set with “I’ll Wait” from their upcoming album “Rattle Snake”, Canadian Band started to the evening bravely, usually entering to the show with a song no one familiar with would be a risk to take but they successfully got the attention of the audience. Band chemistry with the fans was great throughout the concert. They constantly engaged with the audience as they moved through their set, Simon the lead Singer emphasized Germany is very special to them and they wanted to see the reaction of the audience for the new album. He also said Germans can speak better English than they do but this situation got funnier later of the show since some of the audience would not able to answer his questions about Germany in English. The fans were active singing with the band especially when the time was “Wild Sun” and in the end of their set before the encore “Spirits”. All venue was singing . „I got guns in my head and they won’t go. Spirits in my head and they won’t go“ which caused a special connection with the Berlin fans and the band. The audience demanded more and they gave more with a two song encore. They closed their show with “All my Life” from their new album, everyone had a great evening with a lot of dancing. Hearing The Strumbellas live evoked a great joy, and they had memorable performance in Berlin.


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