REVIEW—The Kooks Show in Berlin

The Kooks are back with their long-awaited fifth studio album „Let’s Go Sunshine“. Since 2015 the band has been working on the album, they started a series of world tours which were completely sold-out, received several awards and were celebrated by critics. Now the band has announced that they are going on tour again, this time better than ever. They played at the Tempodrom in Berlin on Tuesday at 2nd of April with Callum Beattie who opened the evening and Blossoms as the support band. Without any doubt everyone had a great time.

The evening opened by Callum Beattie. There was no problem for being alone on the front, delivering his music confident with an acoustic guitar and playing a bass drum at same time was an entertaining act and he assured the worth of keep the eyes on him.

 Callum Beattie
Callum Beattie

Supporting the Kooks, Blossoms revive 80s popular culture, the lights were reminiscent of some discotheque. The nifty guitar licks echoes of Pink Floyd, dazzling synth, indie pop-rock 80s groove which dominated the show and they had captivating and unusual performance highlighted by the vintage attire that each member had chosen to wear. It was nostalgic, gifted and heart-warming show.

Tom Ogden
Tom Ogden- Blossoms

The lights dimmed in preparation for The Kooks’ entrance, the room got full and the audience were looking for some nostalgia. The band walk onto the stage to a huge of applause. In addition the stage construction, an impressive light show accompanies the music: the steps were equipped with illuminated LED strips.

The Kooks
The Kooks

Lead vocalist Luke Pritchard kept the crowd engaged with his quirky dance moves and adorable presence and really brought the crowd to their feet. He also used his brilliant stage presence to engage the crowd. The crowd loved every second of his performance. The songs are groove driven, energy charged. The Kooks played most of the popular songs- such as “Naïve” and “No Pressure” they seem to just love performing and making the crowd happy.

Photogallery of Callum Beattie

Photogallery of Blossoms

Photogallery of The Kooks

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