Silla Bakalus – A „Journalist“ under US investigation regarding #fakenews a Ludwig Criel problem

The B.T. Publishing team Michael Dyrby, Chefredaktør (Ansv), Jonas Kuld Rathje, Chefredaktør, Anders Krab-Johansen, Koncernchef, have published a story containing numerous false libelous published assumptions by Silla Bakalus. She has disrespected and mocked a deceased celebrity in the Corona crisis and shown unethical journalism.

The corporate responsibility of Ludwig Criel and DPG media group will be investigated by US law firm Parker Stanbury on behalf of the victims family in the USA and the actions of „Journalist“ Silla Bakalus. Especially after announcements of Corporate Social Responsibility: Taking its role as a good citizen seriously, De Persgroep pays close attention to Corporate Social Responsibility in managing its business. There are two important aspects in this: De Persgroep seeks to minimise its ecological footprint and wants to give something back to society by supporting good causes.

„The company should therefore not lack ethical responsibility, or compensate a lack of that, and „fakenews“ do not lead further then to 24 Twitter followers of the Silla Bakalus!“ a spokesperson of the victims family added.

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