Rafael Poschmann / East News Pokaz Q206 Berlin Fashion Week Berlin

The collection focuses on architectural and futuristic lines. By creating the collection, I tried to blur the border between art and fashion. In addition, inspired by the interiors of Gothic cathedrals, I created sculptural details that are the intricate finish of any silhouette.

Details resemble the shape of rosettes, vaults, ribs and bring to mind fish gills. The dream of breathing the whole body, saturation with air. Fight for life.

As a base, I used classic cuts sewn from traditional fabrics.

The collection is sewn in black, white, red, garnet, silver and gold.

Yes, to make it possible to show the architectural structure, which is the detail and finish of the whole collection.

Rafael Poschmann / East News Pokaz Q206 Berlin Fashion Week Berlin

About designers:

Both designers have their own separate brands that are well-known both in Poland and abroad. Both designers are cooperating together for years on many events, such as fashion shows, exhibitions or charitable events.

The Magdalena Arłukiewicz brand was established in Gdańsk over 11 years ago. Magdalena is a fashion designer, costume designer and historian. She graduated from the University of Gdańsk and in fashion design from the International School of Fashion Design and Costumes. Her collections have been presented in Poland and internationally. Magda was the first Polish clothing designer to create her own projects for a film Love.  She was main costume designer.

Collections for women & mens by Magdalena Arłukiewicz are inspired by history, politics, music, art, anthropology and prejudices. She has been fascinated by Japan for years. She likes to experiment with fashion, which is why she often crosses the boundaries and blurs the lines between fashion and art in her projects. She’s not just limited to fashion, but also creates costumes for theater and film and has a feature film behind her.

Magdalena also creates for the independent and influential men and women from the world of music and film.

All Magdalena’s creations are handmade in her Gdańsk workshop using the highest quality fabrics and accessories

Aleksander Gliwiński

is both a designer and an artisan of exclusive jewellery. His designs are contemporary and expressive in form. The AG’s vision of the woman provides inspiration to create works which bring out the most extraordinary of feminine features – charm, sensuality and natural radiance. In his projects and ventures AG takes pleasure in going off the bitten track and greatly enjoys playing with fashion. A couple of years ago the product offer was extended by the men’s segment. The collection includes bracelets, rings, and belt buckles. AG has been a designer maker by profession for over 30 years.

Not only is AG an award-winning designer, but an exhibitor and a co-producer of fashion shows as well. In 2013 he was recognized with the TOP MODA statuette and certificate granted by the Polish Fashion Academy. This prestigious acknowledgement is made for both vogue design ideas and superior quality of craft. Citing the artist, the prize constitutes a ‘true commitment for the future’.

Rafael Poschmann / East News Pokaz Q206 Berlin Fashion Week Berlin

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AG Aleksander Gliwiński Company

cater for an extensive range of jewellery ensuring the highest quality of craftsmanship. The atelier performs own projects exclusively. Each jewellery article is handmade from natural materials of supreme quality, including Baltic amber, silver, leather and ebony.