Per Götesson / LONDON show ROOMS Paris

Per Götesson was launched through Fashion East in 2016, following his graduation at the Royal College of Art. Focused on Ready to wear innovative menswear, the brand has been recognized for reinterpreting wardrobe staples, and has been described as one of Londons break out talents this year.

A key feature of its aesthetics is an expressive silhouette, underpinned by Scandinavian functionalism. The design ethos embedded in the label „poetical functions“ manifests itself in the details, drape and materials.
The combination of these elements has established a distinct signature to the brand, proposing an alternative silhouette to menswear as well as reimagining accessories and jewellery for men.
The range takes inspiration from street wear, sportswear and classic menswear. Elements of these staple pieces are deconstructed and reimagined through a unique process and contemporary vision

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