New York in Chains – The Musical Hit Playwright Don interviewed by his Director Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe

New York in Chains – The Musical Hit directed by Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe

Opening in LOS ANGELES on June 3rd

The Playwright in an interview:
What inspired the playwright?
Living in NYC I I wrote a song about the Statue of Liberty!

New York in Chains Braodway Hit Show
When did you start working on it?
6 years ago.
How does it feel to go into final rehearsals?
Exciting.  We’ve done 4 showcases of the songs. Now we’re adding script, action, dance, costumes!
Where do you see the show in a few years?
Around the world teaching value of good people and freedom.
Are you excited 6 days to opening night?
So much so!
How many hours have you worked on your show?
Hundreds of hours, many re-writes, many recreated songs, great collaborators found.
Any tips for other playwrights?
Don’t give up.  Find a team.

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