NEW YORK IN CHAINS – America’s biggest Musical Hit to launch in LA on June 3rd.

„The Best Show And Hardest Laugh of 2018“, North American News Agency.
Hard work, sweat, tears, luck and a big dose of magic has kicked up the new musical comedy, „New York in Chains“.
(North American News Agency/
Need some good vibrations and chuckles?  Miss the chill, fashion, fun and lights of New York City? This little play based on a bit of history and Everyone’s shared nightmare could be just the thing to heal a broken heart or that lost bike with the favorite bell.

New York in Chains broadway show starts in LA
Co-written by Don Lewis and Leonid Andronov with songs composed by Don Lewis,  Brad Hubisz and Jeffrey Bryan this delight comes to life with local Los Angeles super singing talent including, Lauren Nikohl, Mary Rachel Gardner, Kylie Grogan along with Benito Borjas, Thomas Hollow and Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg. Prince Mario-Max is also director of the hit show.
The Kiss The Monkeys Business, Influencer and Leaders Network made the event guest event of the year 2018 and will join the celebrity cast in the audience.
This project is scheduled at the McCadden Theater, June 3rd, 22nd and 24th. Evenings.

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