New Single of Bastian Lee Jones – “Your Angel”

The intergalactic singer songwriter, piano player and #LebenslustTV media radio, podcast, presenter man – Bastian Lee Jones is surrounded by his angels. Angelic are people around him – who he shares literally everything with – from a cordial and spiritual point of view. The new music video is on youtube – and the song is available on all major download stores and streaming sites (Applemusic

Intergalactic. Isn’t that pretentious? Not at all – considering his birth place Bali, son of a German one a chef de la cuisine with a Polish name and a mother of Indonesian Chinese heritage, a childhood in West-Berlin, an adolescence in Berlin and Ireland. Places where the “Force” is strong – very strong – to say it in a Star Warsian way.
Remembering one of the great Protestant theologist, who was killed by the Nazis in KZ Flossenbürg – who wrote the heartrending poem “Von guten Mächten wunderbar geborgen” (From good Forces powerfully protected) – just before his execution to death – Bastian quotes him and one of the small prophets of the Old Testament – Maleachi (was it him?): “The angel you are looking for is already on its way to you – for ever and ever”. The song refers to the downfalls, tribulations, and despair we all are going through some times. But … ! There is always hope. There is always a solution. And if being in a state of absolute darkness – the angels are on their way. It needs trust, it needs awareness, it needs a fundament. Given through the overall angels – his parents.
The almost spoken deeper range of Bastian´s voice – transport that emotion in a frank, crisp and compelling way – wonderfully produced by René Schostak (who produced very famous German stars and bands). The song exists in three languages – German, Indonesian and English. Everybody needs drawers, labels. Asking the prolific artist, Bastian, how he wrote that song, he answered in a modest way: “I am just a channel. Everybody tries to be somebody. I try to be nobody – being out of time, out of space and out of mind – being always online with the “Force” makes my individuation of the All-there-Is much more like a channel – being personalised into a messenger. And the divine messengers are angels! Angels attract angels! That’s the law of cause and effect. The law of resonance and mirroring!”

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The songwriter is very keen on transporting messages – that transcends his listeners and viewers and followers into a spiritual realm – where everything is possible. Working with Jennifer Waves, who even sung the Indonesian version (who never ever heard Bahasa Indonesia before!) did a fantastic job. Also Jürgen Heieck (who almost studied with James Newton-Howard in L.A., USA) – who did the orchestration wonderfully and enthusiastically. But the team of angels also comprise Sua Luca (his Co – Presenter of the talk shows and radio Shows), Ute Weiss-Ding (his mentor), Sandra Diana Vetter (expert for media and entertainment law and Bastian´s Business Angel), Nazife Demir and Stephan-Michael Weiss (#BerlinmeetsWroclove and #GlamourGirls), Heiko Bandasch (producer), the violin virtuoso Miky Anton and Lia Meer (who acted in the Official Lyric Video “Your Angel” extremely (on youtube: ) well and who is doing the camera work for some shootings and the art work of Bastians new CD “Lebenslust – Universe – Songs” (EARMErecords LC 29347). That CD is only available at Bastians performances and concerts or can be ordered on his homepage Sorry for not being able to mention all the others like Marion, Niko, Rita, Sören and Thomas Anker. The team is decisive! Masterworks can be produced by an individual. But miracles can only be initiated by a team.

To come back to labelling. Well – Christian pop. Spiritual pop. Or pop. Orchestral pop. Cinematic pop. Algorhythms care. Not necessarily Bastian. But it is always a unique voice, always a great piano, always extreme skills in songwriting and always a vision that goes deep. Intergalactic. So to say.
“We are blessed living in a time, where spirituality, philosophy, psychology, sciences (from string to quantum theories) and religions are talking in their specific ways about the same things – is outstanding and a privilege. Thank you universe!. We are in the awakening of the awakening!” said Bastian firmly – who studied lots and who meddles with neurology, health, philosophy and religions and other topics – absorbing news and knowledge like a sponge. Follow up on Bastian Lee Jones´socialmedia and youtube and spotify sites. The story is inciting!

Enjoy the song and the video. The song is available on Applemusic Googleplay: and Amazon:  

written by @LebenslustTV & Redaktion Zeitblatt Magazin

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