MR. MONARCHY Celebrity and Chairman Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills: AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!

MR. MONARCHY Celebrity and Chairman Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills: AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!

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Celebrity Royal Expert, Royal Historian and Author Continues to Make Media Headlines,
Create Royal Projects and Defy Critics During His 40 th Birthday Milestone Celebration.
Royal Expert and historian, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills continues to dominate headlines
with his latest creative talents.

Despite last year’s attempts by some media outlets to tarnish his image and discredit his knowledge after reporting live for several media outlets at the
Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in May of 2018, Mace-Archer-Mills has carried
on with his life and his career on his terms alone. Recently appearing in northern New York
newspaper, The Post Star, ’ latest and largest projects were dished up hot
and they are sure to make a lasting imprint on the Royal world.

Coming back from blatantly unfair and unwarranted xenophobic media attacks prompted by the Wall Street Journal, it
seems that Mr. Mace-Archer-Mills has not succumbed to the world of syndicated bullying
and is certainly having the last laugh. Since emerging from a torrent of copy and paste media
reporting, together with unfounded media exposure paired with professional jealousy and
envy, Mace-Archer-Mills (MAM) speaks exclusively to Zeitblatt Media (ZM) about last
year’s media attention, his new Royal themed projects, the bullying of Prince George of
Cambridge and what turning 40 means to this world famous creative. Zeitblatt has been given
exclusive access to the stars birthday weekend events, photos and guest list!
A Royally Creative Educational Celebrity
Mace-Archer-Mills has been extremely busy over the past year since fighting back from the
onslaught of biased and unfair media reporting against his person and profession. Despite
what many media outlets have said, others have gone above and beyond in getting to the root
of the real story and the truth behind who Mace-Archer-Mills truly is. We here at Zeitblatt
Media were the first media outlet to call out the Wall Street Journal and subsequent media
outlets that presented their version of a story they thought they knew and still know nothing
about, though they would have you believe otherwise. We like positive stories and give credit
where it is due. Our hats are off to Mr. Mace-Archer-Mills for not only continuing to stay the
course and continue with educating about his Royal subject but taking a bowl full of lemons
and making sweet lemonade.
Though it has been over 20 years since he has lived in New York State, his childhood local
news outlet, The Post Star has recently outlined what in depth projects Mace-Archer-Mills
has been up to over the past year in an interview released on his 40 th birthday on 18 August.
Working tirelessly on behalf of Crown and Country, Mace-Archer-Mills has been busy
creating and launching not only the world’s first Royal-themed radio station, but penning an
internationally award-winning cocktail book – Their Majesties’ Mixers: When They Reign,
They Pour, which is debuting in his home town of Bolton Landing, New York on 28 August
2019 at the Lakeside Lodge and Grille. His latest title won the 2018 Gourmand Award,
beating several other entrants to take the top spot within the United Kingdom for the number
one book in its category. This accolade comes on top of two other Royal themed cocktail
books Mace-Archer-Mills has penned, the most celebratory being in recognition of Queen
Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee of 2012 – To The Queen: A Royal Drinkology which was given
permission by Buckingham Palace to use the Diamond Jubilee logo on the cover at the time
of printing.

There is no keeping Mace-Archer-Mills down as he has also secured a book deal with
London based publisher Austin Macauley for his 33-book children’s series titled The
Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet. This all comes in addition to constant work on Crown &
Country Magazine, Directing the British Monarchists Society and filming for Royal themed
documentaries and interviews. Not letting anything hold him back, Mace-Archer-Mills is a
confirmed and featured speaker at the International Airline Awards presented by IFSA in Los
Angeles on 11 September 2019, where he will also be leading a workshop for the world’s top
airlines called Royal Encounters: Premium Class Passenger Drinks. Mace-Archer-Mills is
also looking forward to filming his own documentary series in addition to a possible reality
show which will of course be Royal in theme. There is certainly no question that creativity
courses through the veins of this interesting individual!
ZM: Despite the world-wide media attention which focused on you last summer, have
you found it hard to carry on being a creative force in the Royal reporting world?
MAM: I am a very creative person, always looking for ways to make Royal education fun
and interesting. I don’t know where I get some of the ideas I do, but when I decide some of
the ideas that come to me can truly help promote the positive attributes of monarchy, then I
give it 100% of my being. It was a little difficult to focus on my career and my purpose within
that very career last year with such unfair and unwarranted media attention, but I decided to
take a negative and turn it into a positive. I know that I add value to my field and know my
subject as well as long standing professors and those with fancy titles with post nominals a
mile long… however my contributions are not for personal glory, but for the advancement of
ZM: How did you come up with the idea of Crown & Country Radio and why do you
feel this endeavour will be successful in your field?
MAM: I created and built Crown & Country Radio as an extra sensory educational platform
to Crown & Country Magazine. I thought that reaching people through sound, music and talk
radio would add to the educational aspect and further the understanding of Constitutional
Monarchy and the reasons it is still in existence. I believe whole heartedly that the endeavour
will be successful because there are so many people around the world that find the world of
Royalty interesting. With being able to reach people around the world with an internet-based
radio platform, we can bring royal themed educational programming through special
musical shows, politics shows and other royal related topics to those who appreciate the
topic, what the British Royal family does etc. Although the station is royal in theme, we do
have other attributes to entertain people such as the UK and US top 40, themed shows which
explain the function of the Crown, the musical influence of the British monarchy etc.
ZM: Where and when can people tune into Crown & Country Radio?
MAM: Listeners can visit or can download he app using
the Yoradio platform by visiting Yoradio in their app story, downloading it, opening it and
scrolling to Crown & Country Radio. Crown & Country Radio is a 24-hour, 7 day a week
broadcasting station which will launch formally on the url above by the end of September
2019. We also have a Facebook page which listeners can follow us on.
ZM: Tell us all about The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet, we want to know

MAM: Wow, where to start! This idea was formulated between my dear friend Stella, yes she
is Italian, and myself. During a catch-up phone call one day, Stella asked if there was ever a
children’s book character based on the Queen and I immediately said not that I can recall,
and the rest is history. I jest! I went to work in looking into her enquiry and could not find
anything based on the young life of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II in a children’s book
format and set out with Stella to create a character which would be a fun way to reach
children and teach them at the same time about Royalty, Monarchy and the life of the Queen
from a young age. Once we discussed the idea and furthermore the advancement of a series
which would build on her life and experiences, we set out what sort of lessons we wanted to
teach children and how best to relate to them through a character such as The Queen when
she was a child. Knowing that Her Majesty’s childhood name was Lilibet, it only made sense
to use this name for the character. As I went to work on the story line, Stella approached
another of our Italian friends, Valentina, who is a fantastic artist and animator to bring
Lilibet to life. Together we have created a great series to not only entertain but educate
children about Constitutional Monarchy and the British Royal family which will be published
out of London by Austin Macauley and in Italy in the Italian Language by Orto Della
Cultura. As Lilibet grows, so will our readers and the complex lessons they will learn about
and encounter in life.
ZM: The first book in the series of The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet is called A
Royal Day Out. Can you tell us a little about this book?
MAM: "A Royal Day Out" is set in 1934 and follows Little Queen Lilibet at eight years of
age as she travels from the York family home at 145 Piccadilly to Buckingham Palace.
Expecting to spend the day with her grandparents, King George V and Queen Mary, Little
Queen Lilibet discovers the true secrets of Buckingham Palace which leads to an enchanted
adventure throughout the grand Royal residence. Curiously exploring the secret passages
within the world's most famous Royal home, Little Queen Lilibet encounters talking portraits,
noisy paintings, inquisitive statues and a famous Italian artist who can tell her destiny by the
stars painted on the ceiling. Gondola rides, fresh baked scones and the sounds of the the
Ballroom's talking organ provide a wealth of knowledge, excitement and fantasy to those on
adventure with Little Queen Lilibet.
Well known historical figures as well as Kings and Queens of the United Kingdom and Great
Britain help to provide a historical understanding of the Royal family, Buckingham Palace
and several other aspects of Royal life. Architecturally researched and aesthetically pleasing
illustrations provide a luxurious and riveting look at the inside of Buckingham Palace, its
gardens and its Royal stables. Long lost outbuildings which no longer exist reappear, as do
lesser known and misunderstood members of the Royal family – making this adventurous
journey a history lesson in enchanted motion. Hungry, yet helpful swans and stubborn,
greedy horses present different, yet fun and exciting challenges to Little Queen Lilibet as she
explores London's largest private garden, but not before she is presented with a moral
dilemma between what is right and what is wrong. Navigating temptations and faced with the
situation of peer pressure from the cherubs that live high above the luxuries within the
Throne Room, Lilibet is able to use her knowledge and intuition to draw from the lessons she
has learned in her young life.

Historic relevance is placed on this modern adventure which teaches life lessons to young
people in a fun and adventurous manner. We are sure you and your young readers will
delight in this modern story about Britain's Royal history.
ZM: Where and when can those interested find The Adventures of Little Queen Lilibet?
MAM: Book one should be released just in time for Christmas and will be available at all
fine book sellers in the UK, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, as well as in Italy.
To lean more about the series and to keep up to date with the release interested readers can
visit: and keep up to date with Lilibet on Facebook and
An International Media Craze
For nearly nine years Mace-Archer-Mills has worked directly with several different European
media outlets, providing commentary and educational interviews where the British Royal
family was and is a topic of interest. From documentaries, to news reports, to special events
such as Royal weddings and special Royal announcements, Thomas was first on the list for
countless outlets, providing (free of charge) knowledgeable and well researched contributions
to networks across the continent. It is due in part to his deep knowledge and tireless
advancement of Royal education which caused the French to title him “Mr. Monarchy”, but
more importantly it was his launching of the British Monarchists Society, an educational
foundation and Crown & Country Magazine that has made Mace-Archer-Mills a well known
name in the Royal reporting world. So well versed in Royal history, Mace-Archer-Mills
created a name and space for himself amongst the greatest names in Royal commentary and
reporting. With a documentary made about him and the BMS in 2012 and nearly 200 media
credits to his name over the past eight years, Mace-Archer-Mills was under heavy demand for
the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at Windsor Castle on 19 May 2018. Mace-
Archer-Mills started this special day at 0530h and concluded the days events at nearly 2100h
– a long day indeed filming for TF1, BFM, HTB Russia and others. There was no doubt that
Mace-Archer-Mills was at the top of his game, speaking eloquently with a deep knowledge of
his subject at the most anticipated social event of the decade.
ZM: Copy and Paste reporting has been associated with the recent epidemic of fake
news and false reporting. Do you feel that well-known and reputable outlets such as
those responsible for reporting falsely about you should be held accountable?
MAM: It is unfortunate that the media has turned to biased ill-researched gossip to sell
stories and make money. There should of course be accountability in reporting, especially
when half-truth-based stories are released. These sorts of stories can truly damage and hurt
individuals that have done nothing wrong to anyone. In my case, the Wall Street Journal
(WSJ) only told one side of a story, completely leaving out my mother and her family heritage
which is of course British Irish. What they had originally asked to interview me about, was
not the end result of their article. By not reporting the whole story, or what they even wanted
to interview me about, this gave rise to other outlets and blog writers feeling free to state I do
not have any British blood or heritage which is blatantly wrong. Stories in “reputable”
outlets began to appear with the same narrative produced by the WSJ without proper
research, speaking to me directly or those around me such as my mother. These outlets added
to and embellished the story at will to capitalise as much as possible on a story that really

was a non-story. Certainly, copy and paste journalism should be held to a high standard of
accountability as outlets that use this sort of reporting are liable for their reports even
though they did not carry out any research. They simply took a story, changed it a bit and out
it out as fast as possible.
ZM: What were your initial thoughts once you read the Wall Street Journal article after
the Royal Wedding?
MAM: I was shocked and dismayed because the original story I was interviewed about did
not even appear in the article. I was originally asked to provide an interview about the Royal
Wedding and the new Royal themed crypto-currency I created which was invented to hep the
charities of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but this never appeared in the article. All of the
good things I was told not once, but twice would appear in the article never appeared. There
certainly was a biased agenda behind the WSJ article. I have only wanted to advance Royal
education and help the Royals support their charitable causes, hence I created the Royl
Token which I was specifically asked to be interviewed about by the Money and Investments
writer that produced the rubbish everyone woke up to read one morning. I was made out to
be some sort of bats**t crazy, Royal obsessed, Italian American from upstate New York
despite having history degrees, working with the media for years and knowing my subject
only as an expert would.
ZM: Were you able to clarify your position and right the wrongs created by the Wall
Street Journal Article?
MAM: I have tried several times but issuing statements and creating a blog about the
experience has gone pretty much amiss by the mainstream media. What the media did was
wrong, and they know it – it was xenophobic, and had I been a minority, non-white, non-
Christian person, they never would have done to me what they did. Few media outlets came
to my defence, but the ones that did get the story right and give me the opportunity to tell the
whole story, such as The Sun in the UK, Business Insider and few others, thought that the
WSJ article was rubbish with no real comprehensive storyline, they did not understand the
true meaning or purpose of the article.
ZM: How did you handle the extreme pressure put on you by the media and members
of the general public?
MAM: At first I did not handle it very well at all as I had never been treated in such a
dreadful manner by anyone. I am so grateful to my dearest friends who came to my aid and
my side to help me through. I did not understand what I did that was so wrong and horrible
to deserve such a hostile and potentially life-threatening experience. I had several death
threats, many messages saying that I should kill myself and feel ashamed of myself, which
was interesting because I had not done anything wrong – I simply was partaking in the duties
of my profession at the Royal Wedding. I didn’t kill anyone, I didn’t rob a store, I didn’t do
anything to deserve such vile and offencive messages from people I didn’t even know. I was
so confused and upset not knowing what I had done to be treated so terribly, but mostly I felt
truly sorry for my family and friend who know me and my life story intimately, as I think the
whole experience affected them more than it did me.
ZM: If you had one thing to say about this whole situation what would it be?

MAM: I would say to people not to judge others before knowing the whole story. The news is
no longer about truth, it is a platform to sell a product and not even a good one – this is what
the media is today. I would further say that people need to do their own research in todays’
news world and not just leave it to certain outlets to tell them the “truth”, for the truth is
what media outlets want you to believe in all their biased and unaccountable glory.
ZM: You have told your side of the media storm surrounding your person to several
media outlets, but you have also outlined the entire saga, have been candidly open about
the situation and have backed up assertions with facts and links. Where can people find
your honest truth about last year’s media storm?
MAM: I took a lot of time to reflect on what happened last year and created a full-length
blog about my truth and my story in respect to the very one-sided Wall Street Journal article.
I have written a very detailed blog complete with my DNA results, hyperlinks to examples and
other people who have experienced similar fates and those whom I have a lot in common with
in relation to my assimilation into British culture etc. It is long, very long and yes this is a
warning. My truth can be found on my blog at my personal website:
ZM: Recently Good Morning America host Lara Spencer made fun of little Prince
George for studying and taking ballet. Not only did she laugh at him, but so did the
audience when she stated that Prince William said that George liked ballet. How do you
feel about this?
MAM: I wish I could say I am surprised, but I am not. I have watched this story unfold and
have remained pretty quiet about it. Of course, it (this situation) is like any other time
someone in the media feels they can put their own personal opinion and bias into the news
and think that people will just accept it as neutral truth. Instead of reporting the facts of the
story, they distort it and add their own personal bits to it, negating the neutrality of the story.
This happens so much now, that we as the public are conditioned to just accept it. This
illustrates just how biased and swayed media reporting is. I am glad that so many male and
female dancers took umbrage with the statements, but more importantly, this was an attack
on a six-year-old boy that never should have happened. What is wrong with society when an
adult feels it is okay to poke fun at and intentionally bully a young boy for something as
innocent as a type of dance he likes? Lara Spencer as out of order and should have
apologised not just once on twitter and once on the programme Monday morning, but
profusely to every young child, every male dancer and to those who have been bullied for
pursuing their joy in life. What I find ironic, especially in my case is that Lara Spencer stated,
“My sincere apologies for an insensitive comment I made in pop news yesterday… from
ballet to anything one wants to explore in life, I say GO FOR IT. I fully believe we should all
be free to pursue our passions. Go climb your mountain and love every minute of it.” With
this being said, should I not have been extended the same mantra when I climbed my
mountain, made a career out of my interests and became successful at it?
An International Birthday Celebration
Last week was a major turning point in Mace-Archer-Mills’ life, as on the evening of 18
August he hosted a 40 th Birthday extravaganza for a select grouping of his American and
European friends at his vast family home on beautiful Glen Lake, New York. The

international invitee guest list included celebrity names such as His Highness Prince Mario
Max of Schaumburg-Lippe, Miss Valerie Peay, Director of the International Observatory of
Human Rights, Ms. Joanne J-Bird Phillips, Celebrity Musician and Journalist, Dr. Stathis
Kefallonitis, Co-founder and President of Branding Aero, Ms. Kim Collea, Celebrity
Hollywood Make-up Professional and Mr. Adam Goldstone, owner of celebrity hotspot and
late-night entertainment venue Spot White Newcastle. The birthday celebration featured a
three-tiered specialty cake fit for Royalty, with the British and American flags adorning the
cake, together with silhouettes of places within both England and New York which are
special to Thomas; topped with an intricately made, edible replica of St. Edwards’ Crown,
created by local baker Roxanne of Roxy’s Cakes. The gin and tonic flavoured creation was
accented with featured family symbols such as a guardsman, an outline of Lake George, a
shamrock denoting Mace-Archer-Mills’ British-Irish blood and other various images to
celebrate his family history and heritage.
A complete bar on the entertainment terrace featured cases of champagne that flowed
throughout the evening next to a beautiful buffet of freshly fire-baked to order artisan pizzas,
imported charcuterie, crudité and favourite hors-d’oeuvres created for the event. As the
evening event to mark Mace-Archer-Mills’ fortieth birthday was the culmination of the
weekend’s events, guests from America and Europe began arriving several days before the
start of the weekend. Mace-Archer-Mills and several friends from America, England and
Sweden congregated on the Friday evening in an exclusive Veuve Clicquot lounge on 16
August for the Saratoga v. Boston polo exhibition at the Saratoga Polo Association’s Whitney
Field. In addition to boating on Lake George and taking in the weekly Thursday night
fireworks by boat in Lake Georgy Bay, the home of American horse racing featured heavily
in the birthday celebrations and beyond. Mace-Archer-Mills and his guests attended several
races at the historic Saratoga Racecourse, the oldest horse racing track in America, even
attending the famed Travers Stakes on 25 August.
ZM: Thank you for allowing us access to your very special birthday celebration. Now
that you are entering one of the most important decades of a one’s life, what is it that
you hope to accomplish next?
MAM: I am hoping to further Royal education through the projects I have started in addition
to many more ideas I have floating around in my head. We have the Queen’s Platinum
Jubilee hovering over us in 2022 and I already have several projects in the works to
celebrate this historic occasion. I see the next ten years of my life really making a difference
to the way people are educated when it comes to the truths and myths of monarchy. It is with
great hope that the Crown & Country brand really performs and becomes a staple in every
Royal enthusiasts’ life.
ZM: You decided to spend your milestone birthday in the area of your birth and early
childhood. Having not lived in New York for so long, and having the world at your
fingertips, why did you want to celebrate such an incredible birthday in upstate New
MAM: Lake George has always held a special place in my heart. It is the Queen of American
lakes and is one of the prettiest places on earth. I have seen many lakes in the many places I
have lived throughout the years, but there is just something so special about this particular
body of water. I have always talked up the lake and its surrounding beauty to my friends here

in London and around Europe, so it seemed the perfect time to introduce my best friends to
the beauty of the area in which I am from. Mixing in summer activities such as Saratoga
racing and polo (we are all horse people), boating, day trips to Montreal and New York City,
it was also a great opportunity to introduce and teach the area’s British history to my guests
which occupies the entire lake region from Fort William Henry, to Bloody Pond, to The
Sunken Fleet, to Fort Ticonderoga.
ZM: Your projects over the past year have been a great lead-up to this exciting time in
your life. We wish you a very happy fortieth birthday and the best of luck as you
continue to educate about Constitutional Monarchy in respect to the British system of
Parliamentary Democracy. We can’t wait to see your current projects completed and
the others in your mind come to fruition.