M.Ö.N.2.0 by Danny Reinke – an homage to sustainable fishing practices

Designer DANNY REINKE debuted his Prêt-à-Couture fall 2021 collection “M.Ö.N.2.0” as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week that was live streamed at vogue.de.

A celebration of designer Danny Reinke’s heritage as well as an ode to the dying profession of the Baltic fisherman. The collection contrasts sustainable production practices in the fashion industry with eco- friendly fishing methods to make a strong
symbolic statement about the necessity of sustainability in our time.

Inspired by the Baltic Sea and the work clothes of the local fishermen, the color palette encompasses sand, yellow, grey, and various blue tones, evoking a theatrical mood. A mixture of stripe and check patterns enlivens the collection like a refreshing sea breeze. Tulle ruffles interplay with lacquered textiles to create a dynamism representative of the diversity of sea life while referencing the waterproofing of a fisherman’s kit. Wave forms are brought to life in lush tulle dresses, symbolizing the symbiosis of the fishermen with the sea.

Elaborate down jackets and coats give the effect of a cocoon of comfort, representing the feeling of home and belonging, while delicate beadwork featuring genuine Swarovski crystals brings to mind the pearlescent scales of fish, transforming the wearer into an elegant sea creature. The Southwestern rain hats and long gloves complete the look in a masterful mix of textiles, patterns, and colors that harmonize the magic of the sea with an overlooked way of life, elevated and celebrated through Reinke’s creative vision.
Danny Reinke was born in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Mönkebude into a 5th generation of fishermen families.

Photos posh_foto Rafael Poschmann / East News Berlin Fashion Week S/S2021 Pokaz: Danny Reinke

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