Luisa Beccaria Fall – Winter 2021/2022 Embrace

The embrace between worlds and different times, that of long-time distant friends; a mother with her daughter or siblings hugging one another; the embrace of two lovers and, most of all, the immaterial one between cultures, colours, thoughts and emotions… the sensorial and enveloping embrace of fabrics with the body. An intimate and meaningful gesture.

Luisa Beccaria designs the Fall – Winter 2021/2022 collection on the grounds of „embrace“, as a wide and nonphysical concept, in order to regain a contact, a connection with nature and spirit.
The brand distinguished lightness gets together with coziness for soft and enveloping clothes. A timeless style embraces both present and past, creating a dialogue between iconic dresses from the archive and familiar, comfy ones.
The collection, therefore, centers on overlapping, on contrasts and embraces between different shapes and weights. The chiffon dress is seen on tiny floral printed leggings, along with warm maxi-pulls and galoshes. The loungewear suit is made of soft and precious yarns whilst the „Luisa“ dress, a classic from the brand, is worn on turtleneck with the same small prints of the stockings. The blouse with digitalized floral patterns matches long wool skirts or stretch velvet pants. The regimental texturized taffeta, on shorts and trousers, breaks sometimes the botanical motif from a winter garden. The slinky devore velvet dress embraces the figure for intimate nights around the fireplace.
Cozy coats complement each outfit: thick tweed winter-coats with embroidered details and slightly-unstructured mohair capes are paired with wide brim hats and wool caps.

Silhouettes plays with both maxi volumes and tight fittings enhancing body shapes. In the chromatic palette: off-white, powder pink, micro and macro floral prints on ivory or black for a pictorial effect, but also deeper hues such as amethyst, teal and thousand shades of green, from acquamarine to forest green.
„Embrace“ is, as well, a concept video shot in the dreamlike winter natural scenario of OltrepO, amid Piedmont and Lombardy, that of the designer’s youth. Here, the Luisa Beccaria couture style becomes a refined slow-fashion, mixing together past creations and new ones. The quality of both dresses and fabrics, the durability, the ageless mood are all values embodying a new idea of green and sustainable „accountable luxury“, free from mass-consumption reasons. Elegance and femininity, between flowers and lightness, have always been the core of the brand aesthetics and now they are embodied by new or re-born designs, clothes which aims to be „friends in a woman’s closet“.

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