Lena Hoschek – Artisan Partinsan Autumn/Winter 2020

In Autumn/Winter 2020 Lena Hoschek will go on a special world tour. With a bohemian mix of folklore and artisanal materials, the dressmaker combines different ethnic influences with fabrics from all over the world. We will experience a collection that artfully blends different cultures and traditions.

The designer’s wonderful journey begins in Vienna – the city that, along with Paris, was considered the fashion metropolis of the Empire period. Back then, the Viennese scarf was all the rage, its Persian paisley in a fine silk/wool blend decorated with hand-knotted fringe. Inspired by this 18th-century must-have, still produced in the same way in a Viennese silk-weaving mill, Lena Hoschek had magnificent paisleys woven for her collection.

Lena’s path continues across the Balkans to Anatolia, where Pakistani ikat silks and Persian pomegranate decorations enrich her designs. Moldavian rose kilim patterns, almost Baroque in their design, adorn prints designed exclusively for the collection. Inspired by an Oriental spice bazaar, the designs take on a colour palette from One Thousand and One Nights. A short detour takes the designer to Lake Como – a region already considered the capital of European silk in the 17th century – where she will buy paisley silks from a silk-tie manufacturer and transform them into spectacular couture gowns. Adding fabrics from Spain to her luggage, she travels on to France. Once there, she has antique fabric patterns turned into picturesque fabrics embroidered with arabesques.

Rafael Poschmann / East News Pokaz Lena Hoschek na Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Bildergalerie: Rafael Poschmann / East News Pokaz Lena Hoschek na Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin

German milliner Fiona Bennett’s stunning hat creations and Austrian designer Silvia Gattin’s extraordinary kilim boots ensure a perfect look from head to toe.

Forever fascinated by textile craftmanship and almost like a chef de cuisine, the dressmaker raves about the design process:

“Designing is like cooking to me. At the market I’m inspired by the incredible variety of colours and smells. In my studio it’s the variety of materials – countless ribbons, special prints, exquisite fabrics. Thus I work my way from the ingredients to the final ‚dish’.”

In the AW20/21 collection, compositions á la Hoschek combine earthy tones and, above all, the colour red in all its nuances. A bewitching colour that not only represents pure lust for life, but also evokes longing and memories. Feminine and sophisticated, qualities always seen in her designs, Lena Hoschek returns this season to her roots as she prepares to celebrate the 15th anniversary of her brand in November. In this vein, she has named her characteristic ribbons the protagonists of the collection, thereby expressing her passion for collecting and her love of craftsmanship.

Long-standing and traditional craftsmanship in our fast-paced times on a razor’s edge – Lena Hoschek sees this as the mission of her label. On the occasion of its 15th anniversary, the dressmaker reflects on everything she loves and creates a collection that embodies it all; what the brand has stood for since the beginning and what Lena, her team, and her loyal customers firmly believe in: the preservation of tailoring, the survival of Europe’s old textile industry, and last but not least the worship of the female silhouette. With the motto of the collection and with a fighting spirit, Lena Hoschek has been committed to these values for a decade and a half and will continue to do so.

Included amongst the numerous fans and guest today are model Franziska Knuppe, singer  Marla Blumenblatt and many more..

Rafael Poschmann / East News Pokaz Lena Hoschek na Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Photos: Rafael Poschmann / East News Pokaz Lena Hoschek na Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Rafael Poschmann / East News Pokaz Lena Hoschek na Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin

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