Keeping the heritage- A fantastic Berlin Event from The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Every year the Australian Pink Floyd Show stops in Germany. This year, they have started their German tour on 2nd of March, which includes an incredible 23 concerts. The tour runs under the banner „All That You Love“. On 5th of March at the Tempodrom in Berlin, the band gave a journey through the time.

As a fan of a legend Pink Floyd you can hardly experience a good imitation. Aussie Floyd have earned a very good reputation through their careful way of working and have already played on stage with Rick Wright and David Gilmour attended an Australian Pink Floyd Show performance in 1994.

The most successful Pink Floyd tribute band reproduced all the details of a Pink Floyd concert: especially the sound and atmosphere, an exciting light and laser show, matching animations on a large screen accompany with the music. The Australian Pink Floyd show once again gave a great concert experience.

All in the soul of Pink Floyd

For almost two and a half hours, the audience offered a fantastic overall package. Sitting on a chair the fans listen Aussie Floyd, from the beginning till the end visually, the concert was hypnotizing all audience, no one could take their eyes from stage. Every second on the round screen the pictures change: Lenin, Bond, Blues Brothers, hammer and sickle, pistol, stop sign and of course the kangaroos. Mascot of the Aussies. Another Brick in the Wall came with the audience signing through the song „We don´t need no education” then the teacher appeared on the scene, five meters high with a stick. The inflatable figure installed also at the second part of the concert, a huge kangaroo. After “Welcome to The Machine” concert continued with an amazing saxophone solo of “Wish You Were Here” accompanied by old photos of Pink Floyd. “The Great Gig in the Sky” carried by the female backing vocals whom were center of the action. Hits were coming through: “Money” when the excellent solo work highly appreciated then “Dark Side of the Moon” performed. After 20 minutes of break, Aussie Floyd opened the second part with ‚Shine On You Crazy Diamond” every single part was reflecting an almost perfection. The journey continued into 1987 ‚Learning To Fly‘, then “Time” was on the program. Inflatable pink kangaroo appeared during “One of These Days” while the laser lights amazed the audience. Aussie Floyd invited the fans to stand and clap along with “Run Like Hell” their last song of the set. If you want to see the Pink Floyd songs live close to the original as possible, you cannot miss the Australians next time.

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