ISSEY MIYAKE SPRING SUMMER 2021 collection UNPACK THE COMPACT was inspired by the idea of delivering garments in compact forms to people all around the world and by doing so sharing the wonder and joy of unpacking  them.

It was during the preparation for the last collection, when designer Kondo looked at the number of boxes ready to be shipped to Paris, and realized the sheer volume of clothes being transported. There he had an epiphany: making the next collection as compact as possible. He also envisioned a collection so compact that all the looks can fit into one box.
This collection explores creative and integrative ways to make garments compact: tying, rolling, folding, stacking, and layering. It goes beyond utility and convenience as it attempts to convey the wonder and joy people feel when they unpack the garments and see their transformation.

When you open what is delivered.
When you untie what is wrapped.
When you lay out what is folded small.
When you loosen what is bundled up.
When things are rolled up neatly,
When things are stacked on top of each other,
Or when things in pieces are put together.
It is a simple moment like this that we find pleasing.
When things transform, our perspective changes too.
And with this change we feel the beginning of something new.

This vest is a new take on the relationship between body and clothing, and was made by molding fabrics into a soft shell that envelops the body. Its seamless construction of two halves is made possible by the technique of molding and the design of front and back zippers.

This series features a unique design where pieces of each garment can be zipped together into a three-dimensional construction. The stretchable fabric gave the silhouette a soft, fluffy touch, whereas the distinct black zipper lines visually hold the form together. For items like long jacket and biker jacket, one can play around with their zippers to find different ways to wear them.

This series is inspired by the idea of integrating clothing and a garment bag: the wearer goes through the cycle of wearing, folding, and carrying away the garment. By folding and fastening the zippers, the coat and poncho each turn into bags like the ones used to store and carry suits. The pants come with a pouch where they can fold into.
The fabric is water-repellent and wrinkle-resistant, designed for everyday use and for people always on the go.

An original knit series that is stretchable like a sponge. The fabric is an elastic blend of cotton and polyester that gently wraps around the body, while the zigzag knit pattern allows for a comfortable fit that does not stick to the skin. Each garment can be rolled into a compact size, suitable for travelling.

This series was inspired by the idea of wearing a piece of painting as it integrated the artwork as a whole into clothing. Each garment is composed of pieces that are strung together. The painting is a depiction of a living room, available in two color combinations: morning and evening. It is printed on a fabric made of twilled cotton and ramie, that further enhanced the qualities of the paint strokes and colors of the original.


ISSEY MIYAKE premiered its SPRING SUMMER 2021 collection online UNPACK THE COMPACT on Friday, October 2.
As an iteration of the collection concept—when things transform, our perspective changes too—this video presents the collection from different aspects, by integrating the filmmaking technique of stop motion into a runway show and setting it against a backdrop of the collection-inspired exhibition.

The video introduced the exhibition at a warehouse featuring animated garments on display that move and breathe.
Upon entering the space, models walked through the exhibition and proceeded to the hallway, one after another. This flow was punctuated by stop motion animations that pack and unpack the garments, revealing their construction.
Scenes of a wooden box being filled with garments in compact forms suggested that the whole collection can be
shipped in a crate and presented somewhere else.

Video credits:
Directed, Written, and Edited by Kyotaro Hayashi
Stop Motion and Co-directed by Tomohiro Okazaki
Gallery Exhibition Directed by Yoshihisa Tanaka
*Please refer to the video for the complete credits



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