International Sound Designer Qiwei ‘Grace’ He Making Her Mark in the Film and Television Industry

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Hollywoods Sound Superstar QIWEI GRACE HE spotted on the Red Carpet of LA’s most powerful fashion and music event Sanctuary LA Fashion Week. Zeitblatt asked Grace about her impression: „The Sound of Sanctuary Fashion is impeccable“, the Sound Director approves with a big smile on her face and framed by the models who all wanted to take their picture with the Netflix Sound Lady.

The models whispered in her ear: You make our television experience sound so good and Grace laughed. The event was a mega hit with 100 press and 1000 guests. Congratulations Kenn Gray and Korrie Hayes.

March 3rd 2019

With the U.S. cracking down on its already strict immigration policy, and fewer foreign individuals being able to meet the qualifications to work domestically, the American entertainment industry is in search of international talent to help prove the need for such individuals. One such talent who is proving why sound designers from around the world should be welcomed to work in the U.S. entertainment industry is Qiwei He (Grace He), a sound designer from China making her mark on the U.S field of film and television.

Grace He was born and raised in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. While living in Beijing, China she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Sound from the elite Beijing Film Academy. She then moved to Los Angeles to continue her passion for sound designing, soon after securing her Master’s Degree in Film Production with an emphasis in Sound Design from the highly praised Chapman University in Orange, California. Right out of the gates, Grace He was being hired to work as a sound designer on award winning productions from highly regarded filmmakers in the industry. In one of her first sound designing roles, Ms. He was hired by award winning director and producer Zheng Hunag to work as a sound designer on his film, Lost, which won the American Film Award for Short Film.

Grace was then hired as a sound designer to perform as a sound designer for renowned director and writer Yoo Zhang on his film Kearny St. Kearny St. won 4 awards and 2 nominations from the European Independent Film Award, Five Continents International Film Festival, and the LA Short Awards, adding to the list of achievements of Ms. He as a sound designer of award-winning films. Ms. He was additionally hired to work as a sound designer for European Cinematography Award-winning and Chinese American Film Festival Award-winning director Ce Lian on her award-winning and nominated film Life Therapy.

Moreover, Ms. He has achieved great success on the film festival circuit, personally receiving a nomination for a Five Continents International Film Festival “Best Sound Design Short Film” Award, as well as a Verna Field Award from the illustrious Motion Picture Sound Editors organization – regarded as the Academy Awards of Sound Design. These outstanding accomplishments have solidified Ms. Grace He’s status as one of the most talented amongst other sound designers.

As confirmed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook regarding sound designers, employment for sound designers is projected to grow as a result of the television and motion picture industry’s continuing need to improve the sound quality of film and television productions. Thankfully, skilled and decorated sound designers such as Ms. He, who have notable and distinguished careers in their field, are willing to lend their audio talents to U.S. film and television productions.

Ms. Grace He is currently in negotiations to work as a sound designer on upcoming television shows in the U.S. We’re excited to see what this hardworking sound designer has in store for us, and will surely be keeping up with her on her future endeavors. Good luck Ms. Grace He!


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