The Corona virus also threatens Chongqing – the biggest city in the world, in which recently the “Chongqing International Modern and Contemporary Art Exhibition” organised by Pashmin Art Consortia Hamburg and the Hong I Jiuzhou International Culture and Art Institute exhibiting 46 German, European and international artist among them Niko Nikolaidis from Hannover in the renowned Hong Museum.

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We reported about our journey to Chongqing in our article: – about the journey, mission and about the many new friends and business partners from China due to cultural exchange. The epicentre of the epidemic Wuhan is only 871km away from Chongqing. Our editorial office is in lively exchange with the German ambassador and consul general in Chengdu, Mr. Rudischhauser.

We are very worried and concerned about Mr. Jackie Zhang, Mr. Efim, Doki Gao, Mrs Liane Peng, Tom, Aurora, Frank, Kceniya, Aiwuhua Guo, Zheng Yuhan and all our assistants and guides and their families and friends in special who welcomed us warmly and cordially and made this journey a great and touching success. Our thoughts are also to the ambassadorial excellences of South Korea, Thailand, Switzerland, Belarus and Germany.
At our request to the consul general, Mr. Rudischhauser, how the situation in the moment in Chongqing and Chengdu really is, he replied that the supply with medical work material (protective masks, protective suits for physicians and doctors etc.) in the province of Sichuan and the province of Chongqing isn’t good and is still insufficient. The authorities would be very relieved, when there would be an exchange of information and donations collected by the Red Cross and the Chongqing Charity Federation would occur.
It is forbidden for Mr. Rudischhauser, giving interviews to German media outside China without permission, but happily he was able to send us photos and this call for donations. In this call the Chongqing Charity Federation is looking for:
-medical protective masks
-surgical masks
-disposabel medical masks
-disposable medical protective suits
-medical examination masks
-disposable medical gloves

The funds donated will be collected under the supervision of the Chinese Red Cross and the Chongqing Charity Federation in the province of Chongqing and the central Chinese government and the Chongqing municipal People’s Government. All incoming donations will be used for prevention and treatment, with donation receipts issued.

How do I donate:

bank account:
Chongqing Charity Federation
account nr.:
500102022010470010965 (domestic and international donations)
Bank of Communications (Chongqing branch, Renmin Road Sub-branch)
Chen Jian +862363605659 – +8613330303376
usage: “for epidemic prevention and control”

Donations to:
Bank of Communications
26th floor
Tuozhan Building
no.4, Jianxin Xilu
Jangbei District, Chongqing, China

Text: Bastian Lee Jones / Photos by_BastianLeeJones

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